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May 15, 2007 04:19 PM

coffee intelligencia open?

Did they open in Silverlake already? Pat mentioned on her blog they had some sort of opening party...

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  1. Google maps gave me this:

    823 N La Fayette Park Pl
    Los Angeles, CA 90026
    (213) 483-3179

    What's weird is, there's nothing on their website at about any store in Los Angeles ... not even an "opening soon" ...

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    1. re: maxzook

      They are not open yet, it looks like another month or two from the construction. It wasn't an opening party for their store, but rather some sort of party at their warehouse. I can't imagine what that map is since that's a purely residential block.

      1. re: maxzook

        Finally they're opening, tonight!

        Map at

        Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea
        3922 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029

        1. re: maxzook

          Any reports on tonight? I imagine it's got to be a zoo. I'm waiting until Monday...

          1. re: Woolsey

            It was fun. Oh, if only I could've devised a way to smuggle the huge wedges of Humboldt Fog and Midnight Moon out of the area...

          2. re: maxzook

            went this morning. miraculously got a space before all of sunset was closed off. don't know if it's a stroke of genius or idiocy to open during the sunset junction festivities. either they will be overwhelmed with foot traffic or nobody will be drinking coffee this weekend.

            caps were very good. proper size (read, not humongous) and served in ceramic dishware like in italy. a little less hot than would have liked. and microfoam sort of gave way to larger air bubbles. but overall, better than 95% of the offerings in LA. they also sell the rancilio silvia espresso machine, which is the best home espresso machine to get barista quality results. I suggest buying the machine there along with their beans, and mastering the coffee making yourself. you'll save a ton of money in the long run, and you'll end up with fantastic results (after the learning curve is over).

            1. re: olivethegreat

              Yes, the party was fun, although I just had the Alesmith IPA as I was already caffeinated. I picked up a bag of pricey ($15 or so) El Diablo dark roast beans and made an excellent latte this morning with just my little stovetop espresso pot.

              1. re: olivethegreat

                Lucky you. I tried to get in, but by 10:00 A.M., Sunset was all walled off by the Street Fair Nazis. I couldn't care care less about the lemonade booths and endless crap tchotchkes - I just wanted to try the dang coffee. Well, I'll have to wait until Monday. I'm not paying $15 just for the privilege of wasting more money at a deep-fried-something-or-other tent. (And just how do they manage to plan Sunset Junction on the hottest weekend of the year every single year?)

          3. Checked it out today. Nice decor, good vibe, and the espresso is good if somewhat overrated. It's no Euro Caffe (or Stumptown or La Colombe), but is fine if you live in that area.


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            1. re: hungrygirl106

              The espresso is better than Euro Caffe IMO but not as good as Stumptown...
              It's a different profile than Euro and that's why some people may or may not like it...