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May 15, 2007 03:21 PM

Gyros in Knoxville?

I'm moving to Knoxville in July. I'm looking for places that have good gyros in Knoxville or the surrounding area. I don't care if it's a nice sit-down rec or a gas station. I prefer Greek Gyros over Middle Eastern gyros. I would also prefer that they slice the meat off a skewer and not serve pre-sliced strips of meat. Fresh pita and good hummus are a plus. I have heard of a place on Kingston Pike that serves gyros but haven't heard how good they are. Any help is appreciated.

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  1. The place you are talking about on Kingston Pike is Ali Baba's Time Out Deli. It's a great place, and I go there all the time for their hummus. My faves there are the fool mudammas, baba ganouj and kibbe in a sack. Unfortunately, their gyros are just not the best. File it under the difference between greek gyros & middle eastern gyros that you reference.

    I've been told to try Niro's Gyros in Farragut for gyros. Haven't done it yet as I'm trying to lose my winter coat. Niro's is a chain from the Chicago area, I understand, but Knoxville you take what you can get.

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