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May 15, 2007 02:57 PM

Delivery services/restaurants - NOT LABITE.COM!

My office has been having major problems with our lunches. We order food pretty much every day, typically through They almost always give us food that is wrong or missing. And that's when the food actually makes it here, because they are perpetually late. Today was the final straw - we placed an order at 11am to arrive at 1pm and it is now 3pm and it is still not here.

Can any of you recommend another similar web-based food delivery service? Or, if you could recommend a restaurant that we can order lunch from directly and that is NOT a part of, that would also be very helpful.

No takeout places. They must be able to deliver and must take credit cards. We are in West LA.


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  1. Classic Pizza on Pico Blvd. in Santa Monica. They do their own delivery. Not sure where in WLA you are located so delivery range may be an issue.

    2624 Pico Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    (310) 392-6322

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        I'll second whycook. They deliver from Sprazzo, which is a place I really enjoy, and I've had good luck going with other restaurants they deal with as well. However, like every delivery service I've tried, allow a good hour or slightly more for the delivery, especially if the restaurant is far from you (when we order from Babalu, the food is generally cold by the time they get it to where we are, right by the mormon temple.)

        1. Thanks.

          We're in Culver City. Anyone know if maybe the newer places in Culver City deliver?

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            Victor Jr's delivers although I can't attest to the promptness of their service. I really like their salads, and it seems like many people on the board like their sandwiches.

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              Vees cafe is near culver city and they deliver great food. I think their delivery minimum is $20.00, wich is good because I ordered three items and they delivered them.

            2. Warning - I can't vouch for the quality of the food from all the places below personally, but maybe someone in your office can give them a thumbs up or down; also, it can make a difference on whether they'll deliver (and/or cater) depending on how many people in your office are being ordered for, if the order surpasses a certain $ minimum (the "bigger" the order the greater your options), and how far they have to travel.

              Also, there are a few below that have a $25 delivery charge, are they using LA Bite, some other service(s), or doing it themselves? They don't say on their website, so call & ask!

              All in Culver City (I think):
              Blue Bird Cafe - American

              Shalimar - Indian

              Santa Maria Barbaque - Click on catering, scroll to bottom = Delivery Minimum is $20 or 20 people, confusing?

              Leaf Cuisine - Vegan/Cal.

              Vistor Jrs. - Italian

              Tender Greens - Amer. Comfort

              Bamboo - Caribbean/Cuban

              Beacon - Asian Cafe - If your order is big enough for them?

              No website? - So ask them to fax you their menu
              Fassica - Ethopian @ (310) 815-8463

              Fresh in the Box - Japanese @ (310) 301-9100

              Giovanni's Tratoria - Italian @ (310) 839-1757

              Mandarin Dish - Chinese @ (310) 670-2039

              Thai Dishes - Thai @ (310) 559-0987

              Mrs. Garcia - Mexican @ (310) 287-0850