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May 15, 2007 02:37 PM

Sura Thai Bistro

Had a great meal here last week at this very stylish, sleek spot near Belmont and Broadway. Looks like it would fit right in on Randolph Street--all white, crazy hanging chairs, futuristic--and not all that comfortable--furniture. but the food was outstanding, and it was still byob. great duck crepes, tasty, light as air fried calamari...everything we had was quite tasty, and service was very attentive (granted, we were pretty much the only ones in the place). anyone else tried it yet?

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  1. I tried it the other week. I thought it was good, not great. I don't think it would be one I'd highly recommend but it was pretty good, worth a try!

    1. The service was EMBARRASSINGLY awful at Sura. I know it's still a fairly new restaurant, but not new enough that they should still be having trouble timing courses and falling all over each other because there are too many servers on the floor—yet it took us 20 minutes to get a new bottle of wine on the table. BUT I did like the food. We split about six small plates among the table, and I got the lemongrass beef for my entree. Spicy as hell, but with a glass of Gewurtzraminer it all balanced out.