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May 15, 2007 02:30 PM

Heads up - Emergency Repairs at Lantern

I was planning on grabbing dinner and drinks at Lantern tonight, called for a reservation and no luck. I walked over and noticed all this plastic laid down and tools all over the place - they are temporarily closed for emergency repairs. I don't know how long this will last, just thought I'd provide a heads up for anyone interested in going there.

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  1. For clarification, you're talking about Lantern in Chapel Hill, right? If so, thanks for the info --- I had planned on trying it out this week, trekking all the way (!) from Durham....keep us posted! Thanks.

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    1. re: beebs

      The OP was a week ago. Unless the whole roof collapsed, I'd hope they'd be back open by now. I'd try calling them: 919-969-8846

      The website is mum either way about the repairs:

    2. I ate there last Friday night (May 18) and had an excellent meal so no worries about whether they have recovered from this mishap. Be sure to try the Black Cod special if it is there....truly sublime.

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      1. re: klaatu47

        Yeah they are definitely open, I walked by there last night...sorry for any confusion.