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May 15, 2007 02:23 PM

Summerstage Post-Concert suggestions

Going to be up there the week of Memorial Day (from DC) and will be at the Keane show in Central Park on Wednesday, May 30. Any dinner suggestions nearby? The show is at Rumsey Playfield (off Fifth Avenue at the 69th Street entrance to Central Park). Looking for something casual and reasonably-priced. Might end up with a group of 6-8 so anywhere that can accommodate would be great, and ability to take reservations would be a plus.
I did an initial search on opentable and came across B.Cafe, which sounds good but would appreciate any other recommendations (or comments on B.).
Also, if anyone has been to one of these concerts and know about how long they last I'd appreciate it! This show starts at 5:30 so I'm thinking we should plan on dinner at 8-ish?
Thank you.

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