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Bocadillos Lunch Report

crispypork May 15, 2007 02:20 PM

Four of us went to Bocadillos for lunch today and overall, had a fine meal. We ordered:

Tapas of the Day - which was Lamb Loin chops (cooked to order:rare!)
Catalan Sausage with Manchego and Arugula
Chorizo with Walnut Paste
Tuna Melt
Beet Salad with Chicory and Braeburn apples
Patatas Bravas with Romesco

and for desert:

Warm Chocolate Cake with Banana Ice Cream
Macaroons "Luzien" with Pistachio Ice Cream

All the 'bocadillos' were good, with the exception of the Chorizo (not enough walnut paste?). The BLT, Tuna Melt (fresh tuna, yum!), and Catalan Sausage were excellent. The Lamb-burger was a tad overdone and underspiced IMO, but still yummy. By in large, the relative proportions of ingredients in each sandwich were right on (except for the Chorizo).

The Patatas Bravas were OUTRAGEOUSLY good. Not greasy, yet crispy and spicy. The Romesco was excellent too (and nice with the lamb-burger).

The Warm Chocolate cake was very delicious, a souffle texture and the Banana ice cream the perfect accompaniment.

Seating for a party of our size was limited to the communal table which was fine except for the wind blowing in on us from the door. Service was friendly and accomodating, if a little distracted.

Photos of above can be found here:

Thanks to all Chowhounds for all the suggestions and another fine repast!

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  1. Melanie Wong May 15, 2007 05:00 PM

    Ooh, patatas bravas! One of those things that seems so simple but rarely done well.

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