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May 15, 2007 02:18 PM

Meiwah? Any Good? Other Suggestions?

Never been to Meiwah. Is it worth trying out? We're looking for good, clean, fresh Chinese food. Thanks!!

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  1. I used to eat that in college (went to GW), but its been a good five years, so can't speak to it now.

    1. I'd say it's a bit nicer than most of the mediocre Chinatown dives, a bit fresher. Their steamed veggie dumplings are outstanding.

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      1. re: katecm

        i remember the crispy beef well, if that helps.

      2. Authentic? Absolutely not. Yummy? Absolutely. Order the crispy beef.

        1. Do they deliver? I just moved in a few blocks from there and would love something other then City Lights.

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          1. re: Elyssa

            The Bethesda / Chevy Chase branch does an historically large amount of take-out. Seriously, they have a seperate take-out entrance, and desk with several people working the several registers. I don't know if they deliver, however.

            1. re: whiner

              Yes they deliver.
              I live near the Chevy Chase location and it's always very, very good - eating in and taking out.
              In fact, I've had to limit myself to the take out because I do love it so.
              They also have good sushi, so i hear.

            2. re: Elyssa

              I'm assuming you're asking about the Meiwah location at New Hampshire and M? They deliver, their website says $15 minimum.
              The owner of Meiwah used to own City Lights.

            3. I ordered delivery from Meiwah last night and I was fairly disappointed. Perhaps I should have looked at people's recommendations before ordering but it was pouring rain out and I just wanted yummy, hot Chinese food.

              After waiting over an hour (I live literally down the street in Dupont...less then a 5 minute drive) I got my food. Everything was hot and large portions which is nice (I always order hoping for leftovers). I first tried the steamed veggie dumplings and they were terrible. They must have been filled with some sort of breadcrumbs or rice...because it tasted like dry couscous on the inside. Really weird texture with very little flavor. Perhaps I should have gone with the meat dumplings. THe sauce it came with though was really yummy and I ended up using it later on my Hunan chicken to add some flavor.

              The hunan chicken itself wasn't terrible...but it wasn't worth reordering either. The chicken was a little dry and over all the dish lacked a whole lot of taste until I poured in the dipping sauce for the dumplings. The heat wasn't really noticable either---as you usually find in hunan chicken.

              The one good dish (and HUGE) was the stir-fried spinach with lots of garlic and taste. It was delicious and I have enough left over for the next few days. It cost $9.95 which I thought was a little steep for spinach but I didn't mind because I have so much lefto ver.

              I might try ordering a few more times and try something else. But it def. didn't hold up to my old take out place in Woodley Park...Mr. Chen's.

              Any thoughts on where I went wrong and what I should order next time. I tend to like chicken dishes.

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              1. re: Elyssa

                By the way, there's a lesson here regarding dumplings- don't ever order dumplings for delivery- they always stink if they have to sit before you eat them. I'm not a fan of the veggie dumplings myself, but I do like the meat dumplings there.

                1. re: jpschust

                  I've ordered perfectly fine dumplings from other places...especially Mr. Chen's. My issue wasn't so much the outside of the dumpling but the disgustingly dry inside. I had to soak it in the sauce in order to pump some moisture in to it.

                  1. re: Elyssa

                    A lot of that dryness comes if they just aren't super fresh- i mean right out of the steamer. I've yet to find a dumpling that can hold up to being delivered. And I get delivery from Mr. Chen's all the time, though I don't find their dumplings particularly good in general.

                    1. re: jpschust

                      I agree. Of all good things Mr Chens offers, I believe the dumplings are the worst offering.

                      1. re: cleveland park

                        If you like dumplings, and aren't opposed to eating meat, I buy a huge bag of frozen chicken dumplings (Ling Ling brand) from Costco. You just drop them in boiling water for 8 minutes. And they come with a perfect dumpling sauce. (There's also a method for frying them, but I prefer them boiled.)
                        Whenever we order any kind of asian food, my husband has me make the dumplings while we wait. They're quick, easy, and he thinks among the best dumplings he's had. Definitely better than anything you can get delivered!