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May 15, 2007 02:16 PM

Fried chicken for a party in Bklyn?

Anyone know where I can order good fried chicken for thirty people for a party?


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      1. re: frankie5angels

        just to note that the downtown brooklyn location (on Flatbush Ave and Fulton, I think) closed a few months back -

        1. re: jen kalb

          there's a Popeyes on Court below atlantic. somewhere between atlantic and montague...its on the side with the movie theatre

    1. Give em warning of your order size and go with Chicory. DELISH! Just had me some last week. Always reliable, authentic and a gourmet step above Popeye's.

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      1. re: Larry Brooks

        Chicory uses good quality bird and it is well fried, but lately they have been a heavy-handed with the celery salt in their spice mix.

      2. Popeye's Fried Chicken is excellent.

        There is one on Court Street near Atlantic. It is always fresh and delicious. Our family loves it. I never make Fried Chicken anymore, because Popeye's is just better.

        To serve it cold, I reheat in a 400 degree oven, and it crisps up, leaving a whole lot of the grease behind. Drain on a rack lined with paper towels. When it is completely cooled, wrap and refrigerate. The vcold Fried Chicken the next day will be delicious and almost greaseless.

        1. Have you thought about one of the soul food places? Mitchell's on Vanderbilt makes some pretty durn good fried chicken - better than the chain places - and I'd bet that with a day or two's warniing they could do what you want. And you'd get some of their good sides too. Or, depending where you are, perhaps Ruthie's on DeKalb. They're such nice people. Not chain store employees but real small business people.

          Or, not fried chicken, but I'm pretty sure a good jerk place like Peppa's on Flatbush could churn out some of their delicious product for 30 folks. They seem to do such a high volume business anyway, and chicken is their main thing.

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          1. re: Woodside Al

            or, if you are closer to williamsburg, there's pies & thighs, south 5th and kent. i think i prefer mitchell's (never tried ruthie's) but p&t makes good fried chicken, too

            1. re: missmasala

              they do, and they cater. i've been to several events where p&t provided the food. if you want a dessert, the fruit cobbler they do for big parties is amazing.

          2. I second the Chicory suggestion. Go try it and you will be hooked! Moist and delicious.

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            1. re: monicagtz

              popeye's is awful!!! just too greasy!!! your better off with KFC....i'd try the soul food type more.