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May 15, 2007 02:13 PM

Best place for pizza in Manhattan/ Little Italy?

Anyone got any suggestions for me please?

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  1. This is an endless source of argument for a tirelessly argumentative group.

    HOWEVER: It's widely acknowledged that Lombardi's is very, very good. And it's also very close to Little Italy... being on the corner of spring and mott st. If I were in little italy, I would suggest it. But you need to be prepared to wait a bit for your table, at almost any time of day.

    1. There are a ton of threads about this. Here is some advice before you search.

      1. Decide whether you want to eat a slice (best gotten at informal pizzerias) or a whole pie (best gotten at restaurants with waiters).

      2. Decide whether you want a traditional triangle slice with processed cheese or an untraditional slice ("fresh mozzarella" "Grandma slice" "ziti slice" "layered slice" etc.)

      3. Restaurants with coal ovens, which generate intense heat, seem to make the best whole pies. And there are not many of these places. Patsy's in Harlem, Lombardi's, John's, Angelo's, and a few others have coal ovens.

      4. A few places make Naples like pizza (vs. New York like pizza). They have to be certified by some committee in Italy (or something like that). Naples 45 has been certified and is very good. Pizza Fresca has been certified, and is only OK, IMHO.

      If you are wedded to Little Italy, the Lombardi's suggestion is great. It is located in what used to be Little Italy and a few blocks from the authentic (now diminished) Little Italy. If you want a slice in Little Italy, go to Sal's on Broome Street. Their crust really stands out to me as high quality and not mall-pizza-Pillsbury-canned-dough-chain-like.

      1. I love L'asso. It is on the corner of Mott and Kenmare putting it on the border of Nolita/Little Italy. The have an amazing D.O.C. pizzas, which are genuine Neapolitan pizzas made according to Italian law with ingredients such as buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil. These pizzas are cut into sqares and crust is very crispy, unlike Lombardi's, which is on the same block. Sooo good. Plus they have non D.O.C. pizzas that are round; some are more traditional, others more gourmet. Nice atmosphere too with an open kitchen.

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          I second L'asso, their pizza is really tasty. I've heard good things about their nutella dessert pizza too. Also a good back up if you can't stand the wait at Lombardi's as they're on the same block.

        2. What about Pizza Gruppo anyone? I'd love to hear your thoughts

          1. i would have to suggest lombardi's as well. the white pie is amazing as is the regular.