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May 15, 2007 02:08 PM


I am taking my husband out for a birthday dinner, and he requested sweetbreads. Anyone know of a good resturant that serves them?

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      1. Incanto does sometimes. Luck of the draw on the daily menu.

        Chez Spencer.

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          Incanto had it last Saturday. It was the special pasta course. Served as little nuggets, portion was generous, I almost couldn't finish it. Perfectly cooked, a wonderful dish.

          Btw, my dad found some sand or shell fragments in his razor clam pasta dish and left most of it uneaten. He asked the server about it and I was taken aback by his response. He didn't act surprised at all, only saying "we washed the clams 5 times - we did the best we could". I think they comped it, though - I am not sure. There were five people and too many dishes, and it was a bit confusing.

          This is a sweetbread thread - I may report on other dishes and desserts later.

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            I was able to get reservations -- although there are only very early or very late ones left (5:00 or 9:00)

        2. I think a lot depends on how you like them cooked. I prefer crispy, but many places serve braised or sauteed. You might want to check first. I called Piperade a year or so ago, and they have them regularly on their menu. I would call first. As I pointed out once on the Home Cooking board, sweetbreads are VERY perishable, and unless a restaurant has a regular clientele, they may not have them all the time. I find that to get them the way I like them, I have to do it myself.

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            Pardon the interruption, but we've move discussion of sweetbread recipes to the Home Cooking board. Here's the link to that discussion:


            Please keep the discussion here on finding sweetbreads (crispy or otherwise) in the San Francisco area.


          2. I recently tried the sweetbreads at Myth and commented to the chef that I was thrilled an surprised to see them. He indicated that he developed it as a Fall recipe but they are so popular, they have kept them on the menu year-round. From my Yelp page:

            "Seared sweetbreads with bacon, quail egg, toast and beech mushrooms. Finding sweetbreads at all on a menu is a rarity and is always ordered when we see it -- this was stunning; the sweetbreads were lightly fried in a rich sauce redolent with bacon and mushrooms. My only regret was that there was only one quail egg."

            1. The Richmond (Balboa & 7th Ave) has had crispy sweetbreads every time I've been there. They were very good last time I had them there.