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May 15, 2007 01:55 PM

The MOST stable, non-thrilling frosting

I'm taking nominations for this award.

Last week I made the "Mom Mom's" buttercream which was creamed butter and sugar and then a milk/cornstarch custard whipped in. This recipe was pretty good, and I think it will do, but I have an occasion to make one more practice cake this weekend and I would like to try another candidate before I decide on the winner for my parent's anniversary party cake.

I need it to be super stable, I will have to transport this cake a 30 minute drive in South Carolina in late June. I had considered chocolate ganache w/ gold accents, but I have decided my decorating skills are not sufficient to make a chocolate cake look like an elegant wedding-ish cake w/ gold accents. THus I have decided to make the cake an ivory tinted buttercream.

I have considered a recipe from Cake Bible that includes a megingue AND a custard (or creme anglais as she puts it) addition. I have also considered scrapping the idea of traditional buttercream entirely, and going back to the cheater powdered sugar variety that I grew up with. I really thought the Cake Bible Mousseline buttercream was rather greasy tasting. My perfect frosting would be about half way between the powdered sugar variety and the Cake Bible in sweetness. I would like it if it were slightly "fluffier" than the Mom Mom frosting. Oh, and it needs to be pipeable (if that's a word).

Many thanks, let the hand-holding begin!

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  1. This may not be what you have in mind, but I've had good luck transporting cakes decorated with stabilized whipped cream. I use Oetker Whip It which I buy at Cost Plus. Stabilized whipped cream couldn't be simpler to make, pipes well, is light and fluffy, not greasy or overly sweet.

    1. If any one is interested...I used the Cake Bible meringue/creme anglais recipe. It turned out fine, but I didn't think it was quite sweet enough, nor quite stiff enough. So I beat in a little powdered sugar (I know, horrors). Iced the cake. Then with what was left, I beat in even MORE powdered sugar, and used that for piping.

      Worked beautifully and was very popular with my friends. Even though I crumb coated it first, the EPI double choc cake made a ton of crumbs...some got in the icing anyway. Here's a pic... I plan to do the same thing for the parent's party, except w/ 4 layers.

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        Beautiful! It seems that it tasted as good as it looked!

      2. Hmm: I would say that the very easiest, most stable thing you could do is a ganache, and the very hardest/most work/most risky, an ivory mousseline buttercream! You can make a beautiful, smooth cake with ganache, and could decorate it with fresh flowers or any of the chocolate decorations in Cake Bible and/or make piped buttercream roses (actually pretty easy) with a stablized plain tinted buttercream. It's lovely that you are doing this for your parents.

        1. I used the Mousseline Buttercream from Cake Bible for a wedding cake on a super hot July day. I drove it (in an air conditioned car) about 30 minutes and stored it in a refrigerator on site. It held up well. I find that recipe very easy to make and very pipeable. I don't know how it would do if you didn't have some cool place to keep it part of the time.