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May 15, 2007 01:52 PM

Arlington/Ballston/1Gen Thai

any comments on 1Gen, the new Thai place in Ballston? I did a search and found one review, generally favorable, from January. their menu features "authentic" and "nouveau" Thai. TIA all

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  1. It's ok. I don't think it is the best option. Right up the street is Thai Terrace and other thai places which are better for authentic thai. It's decent, normal, but you can find better nearby.

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    1. re: ktmoomau

      its good, but no better than the other three thai restaurants within 3 blocks (well, except maybe the one in the food court of the mall). i prefer thai terrace or tara thai in the neighborhood, but crystal thai is even better.

    2. 1Gen has [arguablly] the best ambiance of any Thai restaurant I have been in the DC area [and that is a lot]. It is a white linen tablecloth restaurant with silk [!] napkins. The food, however, while good, is nothing special. Only a mile east on Glebe Road is Thai Square which has the best [arguably] Thai food in the DC area. It is small, clean, not fancy, but ohh such good food. I might take a first date to 1Gen for the ambiance but I'd take friends to Thai Square.

      1. If a guy took me on a first date there he wouldn't get a second, especially with Willow right around the corner. There is a thai place in the Court House Plaza with better ambiance and good crispy duck don't know the name. Never been to Thai suare, but if you are driving Dungarats in Falls Church really is good and authentic, they even have a thai grocery right next to one of their locations.

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          Well of course I meant if you were having Thai on the first date. Try Thai Square, it is the best in DC. Far better than Dungrat's which has turned into what a Thai thinks Americans think of Thai. All glitz; mediocre food. The one at Courthouse [Sawatdee] is nothing special.

          The second best Thai restaurant [arguably], is Bangkok 54, a few blocks east of Thai Square, also on Columbia Pike. It is a linen tablecloth kind of place but has quite authentic food.

          1. re: Dakota Guy

            Dakota Guy - I second your thoughts on Thai Square. FAR better than Duangrat's, in my opinion. I like Bangkok 54 as well....but I'd have to go with Po Siam in Alexandria as the #2 spot. I haven't been back for awhile (because of my addiction to Thai Square) -- but their crispy whole fish with red curry sauce is the best tasting Thai fish dish around!

            1. re: pleen

              I gotta give a nod to Po Siam as well but I thought their quality went down when they moved across the street many years ago.