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Kumquat Recipes besides marmalade and preserves...

My parent's tree is loaded with beautiful fruit, but they don't make use of them. Does anyone have any recipes besides marmalade, preserves or chutney? Quick bread, cakes, pies, cookies ? I Googled -but was uninspired. Thanks

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  1. A restaurant here made a wonderful dessert with them. They were small little 1 bite things but so good. They halved them and then filled each half with a white chocolate mousse and sprinkled on a few pomegranate seeds

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      I was thinking of posting the same question recently since Whole Foods often has kumquats and I love them. It's not a recipe, but I cut them in half, remove and seeds and throw them in salads.

    2. Kumquat Mojito
      7 or so mint leaves
      2 tsp sugar
      3 tbsp fresh lime juice (1/2-1 lime)
      1 1/2 oz light rum
      4 kumquats quartered

      Muddle the mint leaves with the sugar in the bottom of the tumbler. Toss in the kumquat slices and muddle some more. Pour in lime juice & rum and stir. Dump in some ice and top with club soda, place shaker cup on top, flip and shake gently to mix
      club soda, flip back and serve. Take a whole kumquat and cut a slit half way through and rest on the rim of the glass. Delicious and refreshing summer adult beverage!

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        I love the above recipe. I bought some a week ago and cut them in half and have been infusing gin with them for kumquat G&T's.

      2. When I had a cute bountiful tree I experimented alot. In the food processor with garlic, sugar, salt, Dijon mustard- slathered paste on ham before baking. Halved and tossed into stews and curries to lend an interesting note- almost like preserved lemons. Halved and tossed into sangria, or lemonade, or any summery drink. When you have that many the fun part is the experimentation.

        1. At my old house I had a tree laden with them as well. I love Morrocan tagine which traditionally uses salted lemons. So, I made salted kumquats as a substitute. Basically, cut an X in one end, drop into a clean jar, add some kosher salt, repeat. As the kumquats accumulate, sort of pack them down so they release a little juice and keep adding salt. When the jar is full, close it up and put it in a dark place. After about a week you have salt-preserved kumquats!

          1. Thank you. Gives me a lot of new ideas. I can't believe I never thought of beverages.

            1. I've had a citrus salad with citrus sections, cilantro (I believe), and kumquats that were sliced and poached in simple syrup.

              1. There's a great chicken recipe that uses kumquats on epi. I recommend using 2 times the amount of kumquats they call for.

                1. I had a great salad at Zuni in April. Farro, feta cheese, sliced kumquats, spring onions (scallions would work too) and arugula. The dressing was just olive oil because the kumquats provided the requisite acidity.

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                    That sounds great! had the kumquats been prepared in any way, or just raw?

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                      No cooking or other treatment - just thinly sliced and tossed in with the salad. It was so good that I duplicated it for a dinner party the next week and it tasted exactly the same.

                  2. I do mixed baby greens, thinly sliced kumquats, pecans and goat cheese with a mild vinaigrette. I use a neutral oil or a not-too-strong extra virgin olive oil with pineapple vinegar but any mild vinegar would do, S+P ...It's so good. I find that a certain magic happens when you thinly slice kumquats: the sweetness of the rind sort of spreads onto the flesh. MMM!

                    1. You can also do a tagine with kumquats as is (without preserving in salt).

                      1. Spice rubbed chicken with kumquat-lemongrass dressing. yum,

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                          Sounds so good! Do you per chance have recipes I can follow?

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                            Sure do! I'll get it together. Working on a project at the moment, pickeling veggies and making a cold noodle side salad for a dish tonight at the moment, but I'm sure you'll love it. It's impressive chicken dish

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                              For some reason I am compelled to hand write recipes that I find in magazines and books, ineveitabaly I change an ingredient or two. This one from epicurious, January 2005 was a realy good issue that I obtained several recipes and all the recipes that I have tried including this one are fantastic. My change, I don't let the bird stand with the spice rub at room temperature for two hours, it goes into the fridge. and I don't cut the chicken up into pieces I roast it whole, in the convection oven rotisserie, in the conventional oven and on the bbq rotisserie. Also, I don't use a half a cup of chopped ginger, I use 1/3. I use a vegetable oil for the dressing. The rest is the same. oh and if I rotisserrie the bird whole, I stuff it with lots of carrots, lime slices, onion and cilantro.Then tie it up. Then slice the bird when cooked and pour the kumquat dressing over all/ here is the link

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                                Thank you! I need to do some more kumquat picking at my parent's house.

                          2. Kumquat ice or sorbet. I made it once and it was tasty. I got the recipe from either Simple Cuisine by J-G Vongerichten or from Bruce Weinstein's Ultimate Ice Cream Book.

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                              Yum, sorbet. Again, not something I thought of, thanks.

                            2. Probably one of the most memorable kumquat treats I had as a kid were pastels made with kumquat skins... I don't have a recipe, this was about 35 years ago, and our neighbor who made them moved decades ago... sorry, but maybe it's worth a shot...

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                                I am not sure what pastels are. Puerto Rican tamales?

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                                  Sorry - it's those creamy candies that look like a Hershey's kiss, but flatter, and are usually pastel in color... The ones that our neighbor made had kumquat skin or zest in them... the first time I ate those pastels was one of those life-changing (food-wise) moments for me as a child... I'm guessing they are made of confectioner's sugar, some sort of fat (maybe shortening) and some sort of fruit flavoring and coloring.

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                                    Haha! OK, thanks. They sound a lot more delicious than kumquat tamales.

                              2. For Christmas, I always make a kumquat cookie from Tish Boyle's "The Good Cookie" The taste is bright, and they are lovely. It's basically a shortbread cookies with thin candied slices of kumquats on top. You could probably candy the kumquats now, and store them air tight and cool for cookies later.

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                                  Now that sounds delicious! Thank you!

                                2. Grill them, can top with balsamic/honey mixture.