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May 15, 2007 01:51 PM

Kumquat Recipes besides marmalade and preserves...

My parent's tree is loaded with beautiful fruit, but they don't make use of them. Does anyone have any recipes besides marmalade, preserves or chutney? Quick bread, cakes, pies, cookies ? I Googled -but was uninspired. Thanks

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  1. A restaurant here made a wonderful dessert with them. They were small little 1 bite things but so good. They halved them and then filled each half with a white chocolate mousse and sprinkled on a few pomegranate seeds

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      I was thinking of posting the same question recently since Whole Foods often has kumquats and I love them. It's not a recipe, but I cut them in half, remove and seeds and throw them in salads.

    2. Kumquat Mojito
      7 or so mint leaves
      2 tsp sugar
      3 tbsp fresh lime juice (1/2-1 lime)
      1 1/2 oz light rum
      4 kumquats quartered

      Muddle the mint leaves with the sugar in the bottom of the tumbler. Toss in the kumquat slices and muddle some more. Pour in lime juice & rum and stir. Dump in some ice and top with club soda, place shaker cup on top, flip and shake gently to mix
      club soda, flip back and serve. Take a whole kumquat and cut a slit half way through and rest on the rim of the glass. Delicious and refreshing summer adult beverage!

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        I love the above recipe. I bought some a week ago and cut them in half and have been infusing gin with them for kumquat G&T's.

      2. When I had a cute bountiful tree I experimented alot. In the food processor with garlic, sugar, salt, Dijon mustard- slathered paste on ham before baking. Halved and tossed into stews and curries to lend an interesting note- almost like preserved lemons. Halved and tossed into sangria, or lemonade, or any summery drink. When you have that many the fun part is the experimentation.

        1. At my old house I had a tree laden with them as well. I love Morrocan tagine which traditionally uses salted lemons. So, I made salted kumquats as a substitute. Basically, cut an X in one end, drop into a clean jar, add some kosher salt, repeat. As the kumquats accumulate, sort of pack them down so they release a little juice and keep adding salt. When the jar is full, close it up and put it in a dark place. After about a week you have salt-preserved kumquats!

          1. Thank you. Gives me a lot of new ideas. I can't believe I never thought of beverages.