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May 15, 2007 12:49 PM

Mon Vieil Ami

I ran across this restaurant in my endless search for my trip. Can anyone advise if I should make a reservation for dinner at this restaurant? And voice they're opinion on this particular restaurant.
Thanks In Paris May 20-28

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  1. It is often mentioned on this site and gets good reviews - do a search for all the comments. It is good food with fairly minimalist decor - you do need to book.

    One poster commented that they found it had far to high a proportion of tourists for their liking - and being surrounded by fellow English speakers can detract from the ambiance. On my visit I also found this to be the case (I lived in Paris). However that is the case with a lot of the restaurants that have good reputations and are well priced in Paris.

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      This is the case with any restaurant on the Ile St. Louis which is the heart of tourist Paris. There are many restaurants in the city that are not likely to have such a tourist clientele but they may be not as central as this one. The food is definitely not Basque but has lots of Alsatian influence.

    2. I had questioned the concierge at the hotel we will be staying at about Mon Vieil Ami, as I had seen reports that it was closed.

      He told me that it had changed owners, but was still very good and he would recommend it. We plan to give it a try.

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        I had heard it had closed for a few weeks for renovations earlier this year.

        I did check the website and it still seems to be owned by Antoine Westermann - it is the Paris offshoot of the Westermann's restaurant (Le Buerehiesel) in Strasbourg. So expect an influence from Alsace (I think another poster had said Basque).