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May 15, 2007 12:10 PM

Roasting veggies, par boil ?

i'm roasting some veggies, peppers, onions, tomatoes and Mange tout and green beans ?
do i par boil the mange tout and green beans before roasting or just put them in with rest raw ?

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  1. Aha, thank you wikipedia, mange tout are garden peas. Or perhaps snap peas (with pods?).

    Green beans can be roasted without parboiling, in fact everything on your list can, however I would put them on separate pans as they will probably have different cooking times. And I am not sure that I would roast snap pea pods at all--parboiling only is probably a better route.

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    1. re: Louise

      thanx and sugar snap peas are different they are fatter these must be the same family but are flat in shape !

      1. re: m_poochie

        Mange tout are the same as snow peas. They're pretty delicate and you don't want to overcook them. I definitely wouldn't roast them. Instead, gently steam them for just a few minutes and then mix with your roasted veggies. You want them to remain slightly crisp.

        1. re: QueenB

          Yes - any vegetable that can be eaten raw CAN be roasted from raw, but things as delicate as snow peas need lighter treatment. I do think however that adding them un-steamed halfway through the roasting process might give a better flavor rhan steaming them first. Scorching that sugar and concentrating the sweet-pea flavor sounds to me like a really good idea!

          Okay, and now I know what's for supper. Thanks, m_poochie!

            1. re: Will Owen

              they turned out great and are great for left over sandwich, hope u enjoyed your supper !