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May 15, 2007 12:00 PM

Help!We need to buy a new refrigerator this week!!

Help, please. Our 14 yoa Whirlpool 20 cu.ft. is dying, and we are unsure about what to get. We spent most of Mother's Day afternoon shopping (not my idea of a swell time), but did not find a fridge that seemed a good choice to my DH or me. Design has changed a lot in 14 yrs. We are not into a "status fridge."

1. We don't need ice/h2o in the door, or even an ice maker.

2. We do not want stainless steel: Bisque is somewhat available. (f/k/a almond is what we have had since '78. The kitchen is oak, dishwasher and gas stove have black glass fronts. Stove top is beige, but has chipped badly in last 5 yrs. (Whirlpool: I would not buy it again) Of course each appliance has been replaced at a different time, but we are not in a position to replace all, as well as the beige-patterned formica countertop, before Friday.) There is a painted "brushed aluminum" color that LG makes, which is magnetic. I am hopeless at color, but feel black would look too stark in our 110 yr. old house.

3. Of course, we have height (67" w/o hinge) and width (33"max) restrictions. About 20 cu.ft., give or take a foot or two. Looking for about 15 cu. ft. fridge area; and a shelf in the freezer.

4. We want glass "spill proof shelves", and a tall space for wine bottles, juices, etc. Also, space, preferably on the door, for 2 milk gals as well as my condiment collection.

5. We would like large sized fruit and veggie drawers: they seem to have gotten smaller. Are the tilt-out kinds useful or useless?

We looked at bottom freezers, but quickly realized that the refrigerator compartments were much smaller than what we have now (15 cu.ft. fridge & 5 cu. ft. freezer): the new ones are like 12 & 7. We buy a lot of fresh produce, and tend to have tall wine bottles. These new fridges seem built for people who buy mostly frozen food, and nothing tall!

I was also interested in the "trio doors" style: freezer on bottom, with french doors opening the fridge on top, which would enable us to open the fridge doors all the way, and not bang into the island. Agin, the fridge space seemed small, with no decent headroom for wine, etc.

So we wound up looking at good ole' top freezers. Prices range from $550- $1200. The interior components seem cheap in most of them. There are some newer models with "contour doors" that don't have handles: I like the look, and fact that there are no handles to get loose, or bang into.

Any thoughts you all have re. brand reliability, sturdiness, problems, or features I am overlooking, would be very much appreciated.
Any thoughts about how to figure this puchase out as painlessly as possible, also appreciated.

So far, we have been to Home Depot, Lowes (2 week delivery!!), and Best Buy.

Thanks, p.j.

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  1. This topic has been reported on pretty extensively recently. Try this link

    The consensus seems to be that it is hard to get used to a new refrig when the old one dies. Good luck. Jane

    1. For what it is worth, we have oak cabinets, black glass cooktop, oven microwave and dishwasher in our kitchen when we moved in..we addedan LG brushed stainless steel side by side freezer/fridge and it looks great with the traditional color scheme. I did not think it would but it does. I did replace by cabinet knobs and handles with brushed stainless ones to pick up the metal/modern look. I must say too that the LG product has so far been reliable and durable. We got it from Best Buy and it was delivered within a day. And it was not the most expensive model either. Ours has long curves handles, ice maker and water dispenser. Also a door alarm which i love as I tend to keep leave door open as I ponder my next culinary task-terrible energy waster! Good luck.

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        Thanks, Densible,
        I like the idea of the door alarm, as I have two teenagers who like to figure out what they want to eat after they open the door to "see what we have".
        Looking at the kitchen yesterday a.m., I realized it could use a perking-up. I have white porcelain knobs, and the counter is looking shabby after 28 yrs. of use. We have 10 1/2 ft. ceilings, and my big mistake ( due to budgetary considerations at the time, and a lack of real need, as well) was not putting a second row of hanging cabinets above the first, which we hung low because I am short.
        Thanks for your input. p.j.