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May 15, 2007 11:48 AM

were to buy small grills, and best parks for grilling?

Any info on were to purchase disposable grills or small inexpensive grills, and what are the best locations for grilling for folks who do not have access to a car and rely on mass transit?
Thank you!

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  1. They have grills at Parc Jarry. I see a lot of South Asian families there on weekends. I guess it's first come, first served, but you could check with the local Acces Montreal office.

    As far as grills go, I know weber makes a portable grill called the Go-Anywhere.

    1. Canadian Tire sells little hibachis for lke $30 or so. If you prefer a small gas grill, they also have it. It will either function on butane or more likely propane. Any hardware store usually sells grills. As for parks, I'd say Lafontaine is a pretty nifty place for a little 'cue.

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        Is grilling allowed in Lafontaine Park or on the mountain?!

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          I've seen people grilling on the mountain, I think it's allowed.

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            Just called and asked. Turns out it's allowed in a few areas: around the Beaver Lake Chalet, near the Cartier monument (which even the park administration now refers to as "les tam-tam"...) and one other area I'm forgetting. Certain restrictions apply. Before heading out, it's probably best to check with your intended destination: http://ville.montreal.qc.ca/portal/pa...

      2. I would recommend using charcoal if looking for something along the lines of cheap/disposable. Cheap propane grills sometimes do not work and can be very disapointing, sometimes they don't work when you want them to.

        1. I don't know Quebec, but in California many of the drug store chains sell a one-use portable self contained charcoal grill. They are a "lasagna size" aluminum pan containing charcoal with a grill.

          If you want to spend ~$60-70 USD, and do not need disposable, look at the small Weber propane. Legs fold up to secure the lid, propane bottle is screw on/off and will fit inside when not in use.

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            I usually refer to this article whenever I feel like taking the Weber out for a grill:

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              I saw some photos of Jarry park, man, that's really gorgeous! Were can I get that disposable grill with the charcoal, etc. in Montreal, in New York the supermarkets sell it, and thanks for the Montreal Food article. Any parks that are adjacent or walking distance to the subways?

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                Jarry Park is a across the street from the de Castelnau station. Lafontaine Park is about 10 minutes by foot from the Sherbrooke station. Angrignon station is on the edge of Angrignon Park. De Maisonneuve Park is a block north of the Pie IX and Viau stations. Jean-Drapeau station on the yellow (Longueuil) line is in the middle of Île Ste-Hélène, which is in the middle of the St. Lawrence.

                Have never seen disposable grills but doubt any drugstore sells them. Try one of the big boxes (Wal-Mart, Zellers, etc.) or big hardware stores.

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                  You folks are the greatest, you once again have made Tombombadillo a very happy fellow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                    I've seen the disposable grills at Canadian Tire.

                    As for parks, one of our favourites is Parc de la Visitation, one of the "nature parks" and not far from Henri-Bourassa métro. I usually ride my bicycle there, but one can either walk or take the Gouin bus a few blocks east of the métro. I'd check on where one has the right to use a bbq - there are picnic tables with nice little canopies to protect from sun and light rain.

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