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May 15, 2007 11:43 AM

Biddeford Pool and beyond

I'm spending a week in Biddeford Pool and need some help. From what I can tell there are only two restaurants so I gather I'll have to do some driving. Prefer to stay reasonably close, though. I'm looking for a few places for seafood in casual environments -- lobster rolls, lobster stew, fried clams, steamed or broiled lobster, etc. Also, any recommendations for ice cream and pies?

So far I have: Pool Lobster Co, the Clam Shack in Kennebunk, and Cape Porpoise Pier in Kennebunkport. Jewel of India in Biddeford, too, just because the recommendations on this board make it sound so phenomenal.

Is FO Goldthwaite's a pretty good grocery store or should I plan to shop somewhere else? Also, is Hattie's worth trying some day for breakfast?

I hope someone can help me ... thanks in advance.

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  1. We really like the Wayfairer in Cape Porpoise for breakfast. Be prepared to wait a bit if it's a weekend. Nunan's Lobster Hut, also in Cape Porpoise is a must, again, be prepared to wait. We usually go early - around 5 or 5:30 and can usually get right in. By the time we're done, theres a line.

    1. Wormwood's in Camp Ellis near Ocean Park!

      1. Alas! The Pool Lobster Co. is not opening this year (I think its site is now a real estate office) - and Hattie's has been optioned by the the local Sea Star Market as a sort of local restaurant but we haven't yet tried it so no comment. However, we do enthuse over the three Cape Porpoise restaurants: Nunan's, the Wayfarer, plus the Cape Porpoise Pier. And another BIG especial hurrah is for Buffleheads in Hills Beach, just across the Gut from the Pool which means you take Rte. 9 towards Biddeford, then veer off right at UNE and truck on down. Good food!!!

        Biddeford itself has lots of ethnic resraurants: Indian, Mexican, Thai, Viet Namese, Chinese...

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          Clarification: when I endorsed the Cape Porpoise Pier, I didn't mean Pier 77 or The Ramp, both of which are enthusiastically rated (and expensive), but I wanted you to know about a third option even closer to the water behind these two. I'm not sure of the exact name - something like Chowderhouse on the Pier, where you order at an inside counter and eat either inside or outside overlooking the working harbor.

          My enthusiasm for Buffleheads in Hills Beach remains....

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            I have heard (and look forward to trying on my annual BP sojourn) that Pool Lobster has moved into Goldthwaite's - they shared ownership - and that you can buy everything you could get at Pool in Goldthwaites. We stay locally and usually get most of our dinners (and some lunches) at Pool. We were devasted, and then reassured to find out they had moved across the street. We get them to cook our lobsters for us (no extra charge) and pick them up just before dinner time. They are always cooked perfectly and our kitchen is much cleaner as a result.

          2. Pier 77 in Cape Porpoise has a great little bar with excellent food in the back/underneath called the Ramp. Very casual and less expensive than Pier but great food and excellent service.
            Lots of people like Allison's in Kennebunkport for casual.

            1. If you're willing to drive a bit, there is Mimmo's on Long Beach in York. It's a great little Italian place where you bring your own wine. Been around for years. The food is very good and the atmosphere is great. The restaurant overlooks York Beach. The owner usually comes around after your dinner and offers up free cordials. In the summer, reservations are required.