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May 15, 2007 11:40 AM

Best place for hungry campers to eat in Eugene, OR?

My brother, sister and I are doing an Oregon roadtrip from our hometown of Pendleton, down to Crater Lake and back again. One of our pit stops is in Eugene and I want to take advantage of some of their great restaurants. We dont want anything fancy, just terrific, moderately priced food (entrees less than $25). Good wine selection a plus. Any recs?

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  1. If that's your price limit, you might as well go to Marche. Their entrees probably average $25, but there will be a few above and a few below. Still the best restaurant I've been to there, though I usually eat more downscale in Eugene. They also have a small plates/bar menu which can greatly reduce your prices.

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      btw, if you want something casual, my first choice would be Aiyara Thai near the Gateway Mall. Best Thai I've had in Eugene area.

      Another casual fave of mine is Big Stuff BBQ in Cottage Grove.

    2. Cafe Zenon has a much more relaxed atmosphere than Marche. I don't know how fancy you'll be feeling. Dinner entrees are between 16 and 24ish. They do French influenced world cuisine and their menu changes all the time. They almost always have something Moroccan - my favorite. It's at Broadway and Pearl.

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        I haven't been since they changed owners, but I've heard bad things. Have you gone recently?

      2. Mazzi's on 34th and Amazon has very tasty mostly locally grown Italian entrees with an artisan bakery in the back that makes wonderful potato donuts.

        I also enjoy the Chef's Kitchen on 35th and Hilyard. The salmon is a wonder and the spatzle makes me drool. The menu is posted outside so you can check out the yummy selection.
        (scroll down


        These are smaller and more comfortable than Marche or Cafe Zenon.