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May 15, 2007 11:39 AM

Seattle restaurants walking distance from First Ave

My boyfriend and I are visiting Seattle for the first time next week. We're staying at the Ace Hotel on First Ave. Can anyone recommend good restaurants within walking distance (within 3 miles or so)? Looking for recommendations for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm especially interested in finding good Asian and fusion cuisine. Thai is my absolute favorite. Also I LOVE sweets so any bakery or chocolate shop recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Downtown Seattle is very condensed, so if you're willing to walk up to 3 miles, you can get to any recommendations on this board that are listed in Belltown, Downtown, Pioneer Square or even Lower Queen Anne.

    In fact, I just did a Google map and made a radius, and just about all of Seattle from the ship canal to the West Seattle Bridge, Interbay to Lake Washington is within 3 miles of the Ace Hotel. That's a lot of walking!

    1. Here's a 3 mile map... you can go everywhere!

      1. If you love sweets you should definitely check out the Macrina Bakery, it's right on 1st, very close to your hotel and they do breakfasts too. The Dahlia Bakery downtown, is good too. Also pretty close is the Boat Street Cafe, which has really good quality food for lunch or dinner.

        1. I'm sending my parents to the Dahlia Bakery (4th Ave btwn Virginia and Lenore) where they are famous for the coconut cream pie. The bakery also sells something called pie bites for $1.50 each. My father is a coconut pie fanatic, I'm not but I went crazy for these pie bites. I also think that they serve the coconut cream pie in the Tom Douglas restaurants (Dahlia Lounge, Palace Kitchen, Etta's Seafood), but you will pay $8 for a slice, where it is $4.50 at the bakery. There are other baked goods and sandwiches, but I haven't tried them.

          Also I believe the Dahlia Lounge has some asian influence (not exclusively.) I had a light meal in the bar, of lobster and shrimp potstickers and an "Indonesian" crabcake that was a crazy mixed up but delicious plate. This was a few years back.

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            I've had that coconut cream pie. It is worth walking far distances for. Mmmm....

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              The coconut cream pie at Dahlia Bakery would be worth walking three miles for. Fortunately, you're only about seven blocks away. Macrina Bakery, mentioned above, is very close to where you're staying and is very good. Another place not to miss is Boulangerie Nantaise near 4th and Wall (about four blocks from your hotel). It's an all-organic French bakery. Not Asian/fusion, but for happy hour one day you should consider going to Cascadia (about a block from your hotel) for miniburgers. Happy hour starts at five and it usually fills up fast.

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                So excited about the pie bites! We're leaving tonight - thanks to all for the great suggestions.


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                  If you are looking for Asian fusion within walking distance, about a block south of the Ace hotel is Umi sake bar/restaurant . Go during happy hour for the best deals.

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                    I was just about to reccomend Umi too. It's very sushi/sashimi focused. Qube is not too far, and they have Asian fusion (with more variety than Umi).

              2. From there, you can fuse your own cuisines. Green Leaf (Bahn Xio), Tamarind Tree (Bo Bai Mon), Seven Stars Pepper (crab, hot-pot), Malay Satay Hut (Roti Canai), so much more.
                Walking distance in that part of town includes the free downtown buses.
                Brunch at Cafe Campagne, Mussels at Maximilien [great Pike Place posts abound here].
                Elliott's on the waterfront has Oyster Happy Hour from 3pm m-f - be there at 3:00 and get a couple dozen @ 50 cents each, because the price goes up 20 cents a half hour after that. Splurge a brunch at Edgewater? Lunch Jones BBQ at Lander (bus not free, but easy), Pecos Pit, Pho Cyclo.