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May 15, 2007 11:26 AM

Dress code for Michael Minas

Can someone tell me what the men's dress code is. My husband does "not" own a jacket and was going to wear good trousers and long sleeved shirt (no tie). Is this acceptable? Don't want him to feel out of place, but he doesnt really want to buy a jacket for one dinner.

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  1. I'm pretty certain that, technically, Michael Mina does not require or request that gentlemen wear coats to dinner. That said, while I've never dined there, my impression is that I would feel uncomfortable not wearing a jacket to dinner there. People with actual experiences there should obviously be listened to well before me.

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      I've dined there twice and wore a black sweater over a collared shirt both times. I didnt' feel a whit out of place. Wear dark colors and long sleeves and you'll be fine. This is San Francisco! There aren't many, if any, public establishments places left that actually require a dinner jacket.

    2. There's no formal dress code.

      I believe the French Laundry is the only restaurant in the area that requires that men wear a jacket.

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        Fleur de Lys *requests* that men wear jackets, but does not require it...

      2. He won't feel uncomfortable. Some men wore jackets, others didn't on my visit there. A group of tourists popped in with sandals and shorts and they were seated. No one made them feel uncomfortable, but I wouldn't go that far

        1. I am sure, sadly, he will be overdressed.

          1. Funny story:

            My father is in town, staying at the St. Francis. He had no idea what Michael Mina is but was bummed that I was working and couldn't have dinner with him so he just went downstairs to the hotel dining room for dinner in whatever he was wearing. I got a phone call later that basically went: "this is a seriously good hotel restaurant, I mean, seriously good, do you know about this place?"

            Anyway, his report was very enthusiastic, which is good to hear given some of the more recent mediocre reprorts...

            Also, the impression I got was that, in whatever he was wearing, he wasn't feeling like it was a particularly dressy restaurant. So I axe my "you'd probably feel more comfortable in a jacket" statement.

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              HA! That is a great story. If I had encounter MM as just the restaurant of the hotel I happened to be at, I'd probably have been pleasantly surprised. But with all the build-up and expectation of knowing who the chef was and how lauded the food has been, my meals there have both been distinct disappointments.