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May 15, 2007 11:22 AM

Update re Food Scavenger Hunt

I previously posted a request to the group asking for suggestions for a food scavenger hunt. Well... the scavenger hunt took place this past Saturday and was a huge success. Some of the participants are now talking about hosting their own version in other cities.

All "hunt" items were things the participants could eat/drink following the event, and had to complement (or at least not clash with) the main dishes - pasta with NOPA's 9-hour bolognese sauce and a pasta e fagioli (for non red-meat eaters). Favorite "hunt" items included: braseola from Lucca deli, Isle of Mull cheese, Ewephoria cheese, Serena cheese, Fra'Mani salumi, caneles from Bay Bread, Bi-rite's salted caramel ice cream, XOX truffles, Miete's lavender shortbread, panorama bread, ligurian olives, mousse du perigord, foie gras with truffles, Heitz Grignolino port, Hank's root beer, Mitchell's buko ice cream, Las Islas chocolate from Scharffenberger. Items no one found - moroccan olives, five-spice chocolate, Charles chocolates tea collection, Blenheim's ginger ale, Fever Tree bitter lemon soda, Fatted Calf pate, rogue river cheese, Highland spring water (for the scotch whisky), Prager port, Spring Hill butter, mascarpone epiu.

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  1. This sounds really interesting. Can you give some more information on how it worked or a link to the original request?

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      I gave each team a list of "hunt" items, with varying points assigned to each item, ranging from 5 to 15 points per item. The team with the highest number of points at the end of 2.5 hrs wins. Teams could split up to maximize coverage. Internet, phone-a-friend, etc., were all legit search methods. The list was broken down into 7 categories (bread, cheese, drinks, meat, produce, condiments, dessert), and a bonus of 30 pts awarded to each team that brought back at least 1 item from each category. The entire team had to be back by a certain time, or they incurred a penalty of 1 point per minute that it was late. No points for any items brought back after the designated time. Suggestion that each person spend no more than $20. People brought back tons of food, and then surprisingly, we ate it all. The scavenger hunt was a great ice breaker; a great way to have people from different groups meet one another. Once they returned, they were amped up from the competition, and no one was shy about talking to one another.