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May 15, 2007 11:21 AM

Florence on Sunday

Wondering if anyone had a good restaurant recommendation for Sunday night in Florence? Will only be there for 2 nights and I hear most restaurants are closed on Sunday.

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  1. Just went to Tre Soldi and had a great meal on Sunday. I mean really good, and I'm quite picky. No tourists, this is a place for the real deal. Reserve. The food is a mix of the standard dishes with some nice twists (which I don't usually like), which are carried off quite well.
    Also, for the more traditional approach, try Da Ruggero on Via Senese just past the Porta Romana...he used to be a Coco Lezzone, but is now on his own (for 15 years I bet...) and it's another place mostly for locals....great versions of the standards: pappa, arista, etc. Nice neighborhood place, warm feeling, honest food. Highly recommended...

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      Can you provide a rough estimate as to prices in the places you reccomend? I.e. per person without alcohol?

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        Looking to spend between 20-40 euro per person, but we are flexible. Thanks for all the input.

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          Tre Soldi is a tad more...maybe 30 per person,plus wine, but can be done for 25 including if you order wisely and get a house wine. Ruggero might be 15% less, maybe...
          but both are worth the money compared to other places of similar or higher prices...and in the long run, yeah, you can eat in decent places for less and get averge food...why not splurge a bit unless you are going to be in Italy every few months????

      2. Santa Spirito area is a good place to aim for - Osteria Santa Spirito, Borgo Antico and Trattoria Quattre Leone (much loved by many but I am not so sure) of these Borgo Antico is the cheapest and the others will come in at around 30 euros per head...hope that helps...

        1. You may have heard wrong. Lots of restaurants are open Sunday, many are closed Monday or Tuesday. You won't starve. Search this board for recent posts on Florence in the past month or two. I did a lengthy post on quite a variety of restaurants and provided ideas on what to order and how mucch it cost to eat there.

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            Post I referred to was May 4 with title "Florence Recs Please"

          2. Pretty sure these two are open, we loved both and were highly recommended by our hotel hosts. Ristorante La Spada on via della Spada, 62r (close to the Piazza Santa Maria Novella) - dinner for two was $85.00 - only one of us drank a glass of wine. The other was Trattoria Marione - same street - via della spada, 27r. - this was $67.00 for two, one glass of wine. Both places fabulous, creative pasta first courses, I had a chilian sea bass at Marione as my main dish that was excellent. La Spada specialized in roasted meats and had an excellent Chef's mystery dinner for 25e.

            Both places were packed, long lines and locals - always a great sign.

            1. i second the earlier vote/s on Borgo Antico and the Santo Spirito area. also, several places near the Mercato Centrale (on the other Duomo-side of town) are also open on Sundays -- Trattoria ZaZa is a always a goodish bet (along the same lines as Borgo Antico), and, if you're up for splurging, Trattoria Garga is usually a pretty unforgettable experience...

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                I second Trattoria ZaZa - we had some fabulous meat dishes there, sitting out in the square behind Mercato Centrale