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May 15, 2007 11:18 AM

Lunch/brunch in San diego

Well,I didn't get any respond the first time, so this is my second try. I am looking for a place to eat this sat. We are coming from OC and going to the art museum. I read about La bastide and Vagabond. What do you think? Any other places, I should consider. In the past we have been to cafe Chloe and George's. Please help!

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  1. At the park I like the Prado--but keep in mind not the best lunch you will ever have but the setting on the outside patio is fantastic. Vagabond is okay, I find it somewhat uneven. Lots of people have been raving about the Guild just south of downtown in Barrio Logan but I have not been yet. If you are driving back up to the OC I would recommend in La Jolla 910, Jack's, or the Lodge at Torrey Pines.

    1. The Guild is very good, and I've only been to Vagabond once for lunch, thought it was well done.
      I would second 910, Jack's and the Lodge.
      Not sure if Market is open for lunch, but have seen great reviews on this board. The Linkery is also one of my favorites in North Park.

      1. If you are going to the museum in Balboa Park, you could up into Hillcrest and try Hash House or Kemo Sabe for an interesting take on lunch. Or you could go into Little Italy and hit Extraordinary Desserts or East Village and hit Cafe Chloe. All of these are within 15 minutes or less driving time from the Park..

        1. Thank you all. 910 sounds good. Where is Guild? I googled and nothing came up. I have already been to Cafe Chloe and Extraordinary Desserts.

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            It is just south of downtown in an area called Barrio Logan. It will probably be the next "emerging" neighborhood once the east village is built up. If you look on they have the info re: location as does city search. They do have a website but for some reason it is not coming up.

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              Sorry it came up

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                I just checked the website and it sounds great, too bad they don't serve lunch on sat!!

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                  The Gods were with you on that day... I had a horrible experience there and will never go back. It's over priced to drive up the hype.