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May 15, 2007 11:17 AM

Yang's dumplings here?

OK, in Shanghai there is a delicious dumpling shop called Yang's Fried Dumplings. They are pan-fried dumplings/xlb because they are still a soup dumpling (i think?) Whatever the case, has anyone eaten there and is there anything similar in L.A., OC or even the Bay area. I am suffering from severe withdrawal and don't know when i'll get back to Shanghai. HELP ME!

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  1. Would you happen to know the name of the dish in Chinese characters?

      1. re: wilafur

        sounds like a sun jian bao ( 生煎包) and it all depends on how much pork gelatin they put in the meat. i've never had a 水煎包, which literally means 'water or juicy fried bun). if it's the former, Kang Kang Food Court on Valley/Garfield has it ... even in the morning for breakfast. Yung Ho Do Jiang on Valley/New might have it too.

        1. re: eatdrinknbmerry

          The pinyin for 生煎包 sheng jian bao. This can be found at Mei Long Village and J&J in San Gabriel. I've never had this dish at these restaurants, though. This webpage has some info about Mei Long Village and J&J:

          Shui jian bao (水煎包) can be found at Noodle House. This is a fluffy bao that has been seared at the bottom. It doesn't have much soup in at, so I don't think this is what hungryhyena is looking for, even though it's quite tasty. This webpage has some info about Noodle House:

          1. re: raytamsgv

            Oh my god, it is definitely sheng jian bao and i definitely just ate them last week in Shanghai (spilling all over myself and the ground in the process, much to the delight of fellow snack-standers). They're like larger, hardier xiao long bao that have been pan fried on the bottom and topped with sesame seeds. I had trouble finding them elsewhere in Shanghai other than Yangs so please let me know if you find some here! Haven't looked for them in SGV but that's where I'd start...

            1. re: stardar

              I think Noodle House on Las Tunas in Arcadia has a good version. It was reviewed by LA Weekly, and has gotten good reviews from the board.

              1. re: stardar

                How come no one mentioned shao mei fast food? They have one brach in Monterey Park in the strip mall on S/W corner of Garfield and Garvey while the other is on corner of Valley/Garfield in Alhambra. The Sheng Jian Bao there are comparable to those you will find in Shanghai, at $4.99 per order a good bargain! Chow

                1. re: frugalgourmet

                  Yes, and that $4.99 order is an awfully big one. And you can grab their great Taiwanese ice at the same time.

                  1. re: frugalgourmet

                    Is that the same as Kang Kang Food Court (seems to be the same location)? I know they have the fried ones there. I'm not a fan of the meat filling though. But the place is cheap, if that's what you're looking for.

                    1. re: bfez

                      No, but the fried pork buns are very juicy when it's hot. The buns are no longer tasty when they're cold.

                      1. re: frugalgourmet

                        i agree with frugal. the sheng jian bao at Kang Kang are pretty good. i like their knife-shaved beef noodle soup. i just hate it eating it w/ those cheapy plastic-wrapped chopsticks and plastic 'soup' spoon.