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May 15, 2007 11:14 AM

claypot use?

I made claypot rice with Chinese sausage yesterday. All went well until the dish was just about ready. The stove was set about medium-low. There was a sudden sharp noise. We found a small crack near the bottom of the pot on the outside. This is the first time I've used it on the stove. Does anyone know if this is unusual?

I've used it in the oven at 350F with no problems, and in making the rice dish I cooked the rice in it over medium heat. At the time the pot cracked, there was no more liquid in the rice and meat, but it was not dry or close to being burnt. I kept it on the stove to get a good rice crust on the bottom. Was this a mistake? The pot was very inexpensive, but I'm conflicted about whether to get another. If the pot had shattered it would have made an awful mess.

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  1. I've been told that a clay pot should be soaked before using it on the stove top. Haven't used mine yet, as I have an electric stove and suspect it will crack whether or not it's soaked!

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    1. re: California Sunshine

      Forgot to say that I did soak the pot. My husband thinks I need to use a diffuser on the stove. I'm tempted to buy another pot and try it again.

      There are lots of online accounts with pictures of people using claypots over direct gas heat so it must be possible. I hope I just got a bad one and the others have longer life expectancy!

      1. re: cheryl_h

        Was it on an electric stove? On electric stoves it's a really good idea to have a diffuser.

        1. re: chokeartichoke

          No, we have a gas stove. I went ahead and bought a replacement pot and I guess I'll use a diffuser with it.

    2. I have a clay pot that I've used many times on our gas stove. It was soaked one time right after I purchased it. I bring sauce ingrediants to a boil in it and let dishes simmer for up to an hour and have never had a problem with it. It was very inexpensive, purchased in SF China Town. It may go for months without being used but I've never bothered to resoak it.

      Good luck.

      1. When I owned a Korean rest we used Korean stoneware over a commercial gas stove, once in a great while one would break or crack, but for the most part there were no problems.
        You can find quality stoneware online or at larger Asian stores/markets.