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May 15, 2007 10:57 AM

Best Scone in Pasadena Area??

I'm looking for the best Scone. I love scones, something about the crumbly buttery goodness. I was at the farmers market in pasadena over the weekend and I thought, ohhh, scones, so I bought a package from the bread guy. I went to the park with my son and we opened them up, and YUCK. My son actually spit his out, I could not even finish one bite. So then it go tme thinking that I really needed a good scone. I went to Euro Pane yesterday and got the 3 berry - YUM! But I'm wondering where else?? Any thoughts?

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  1. EuroPane's Sumi Chang is the queen of all scones. Why even think about going somewhere else. Instead, try the ginger...

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    1. re: condiment

      Second that. EuroPane's ginger scone is the best breakfast pastry in southern California. Get there early on weekends ...

      1. re: maxzook

        I'll third Sumi's Ginger Scone. It's amazing. The Fig Custard Tarts are pretty good too. Has anyone tried her newish Laduree-style macaroons?

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          I will go tomorrow to get one, or 2.. thanks

      2. I recently went to the Scarlet Tea Room, and I was pleasantly surprised with their scones!

        1. Look for the gal who makes chocolates at the PHS Saturday farmers' market. I like her ginger scones almost as much as Euro Pane's. Also, this isn't their specialty but Pastries by Nancy, Altadena west of Lake has great scones. Oh yes, the Huntington Library.

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            Is Pastries by Nancy the place right across from Bulgarini?

            1. re: Spiff

              I know Bulgarini is on Altadena Drive, I do not know for sure.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                I have to agree. Julienne's scones remind me very much of the scones from the Cheeseboard up in Berkeley. Julienne's are my favorites.


              2. I have yet to make it there - but whenever I talk 'tea' with people - they always rave about the scones at the Four Seasons Tea Room in Sierra Madre. I believe you can order scones a la carte.