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May 15, 2007 10:53 AM

barcelona with a teenager

my partner and i are taking our niece to barcelona for her high school graduation gift. we are very adventurous eaters but she isn't. she's agreed to be as flexible as she can, but . . . could anyone suggest some restaurants that would accomodate our desire for great food and the limitations of a long island teenager reared on chicken breast and flank steak? many thanks, edouard

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    1. re: shiromaguro

      we'd like to experience a range (gathing our own stuff in the market, tapas bars, etc), but want a couple of very high end meals. she's not so much into fish, but will eat shrimp and lobster (but not other shellfish).

      1. re: etfontenot

        Better get her prepared for shrimps with their heads still attached. I think her biggest hurdle will be the appearance of the food, not the tastes. If she likes olive oil, garlic and saffron, she's on the right track.

    2. we are from Long Island and took our 11 year old last year to Barcelona. We ate two nights at La Fonda which is near Las Ramblas...must eat here...delicious, great for teens, inexpensive, and she will love it. My son has same type of appetite. It is where locals go!!!