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May 15, 2007 10:51 AM

Italian restaurants in manhattan

Can someone please suggest some italian restaurants I can take my wife to. Looking for a relaxed eating environment, good food and moderate proce point. preferably downtown.

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  1. How far downtown? Via Emilia, on 20th St., just west of Park Av. S., serves very good Italian food, especially the homemade pastas, with the lasagna being a standout. Good service, pleasant atmospherics, and moderate prices. Cash only and they don't accept reservations.

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      la pizza fresca - e. 20s
      tried this one for the first time last week...awesome!!

      lupa - west soho
      frank - 2nd ave bet 5th and 6th

    2. i second lupa and would add inoteca, apizz, and peasant.

      1. Malatesta in the way West Village is great for simple traditional Italian food. Homemade pasta's and really fresh salads. (cash only)

        1. Crispo
          Apizz (though that may be pushing moderate)
          Enoteca Barbone
          Cacio e Pepe

          1. I always recommend Crispo, but another favorite of mine is Valdino West on Hudson.