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May 15, 2007 10:50 AM

Bulgarini gelato

So after reading ALL the great hype about this place I finally made it t the shop to try it. Unfortunaltey I was quite dissapointed. I got the Strawberry and Stratiatella to go as I had my toddler with me. When I finally sat down to try it, I found it grainy!!?? Has anyone else experienced this? The Stratiatella was good, but the chocolate pieces were quite large, now I am a HUGE fan of chocolate, but it detered from the gelato experiecne I was wanting to have. I'm hoping it was an off day, as I do love having a gelato place near by.

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  1. I tasted at least 80% of their offerings on my 3 stops in the last 10 days or so and found the gelato to be top notch, texture was NOT grainy and very good flavor derived from high quality ingredients! Best gelato in L.A. so far (although I till haven't tried the gelato at Boule) and as good as the best that I've had in S.F.

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      sel, I don't eat chocolate, got suggestions for your favorite non-chocolate flavors after all that sampling?

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        Hi carter - I really liked everything that I tasted, pistachio was rich with the true flavor of the nut, all of the fruit flavors were excellent. For any chocolate lovers that may accompany you, I preferred the simple plain chocolate with the distinct flavor of Valrhona Chocolate to the other versions and paired it with the delicate cinnamon cream - yum!

        There are a couple of flavors that he has not had that I look foreward to, the cheramoya mentioned in the L.A. Times article and a personal favorite - coconut.

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          I've liked every flavor that I've tried so far, except for the Golden Kiwi.

          Here are some good ones:
          melon (cantaloupe)

          1/2 pineapple, 1/2 cantaloupe is good
          1/2 hazelnut, 1/2 pistachio is also good

          I haven't tried all the flavors though. I prefer fruit or nut flavors to chocolate, so I can't comment on the flavors with chocolate in them. I haven't tried those. If the main store were closer to me, I would be there more often.

          Also, I've been offered sample spoons almost every time I've gone to get gelato from Bulgarini (the store or the cart at the Laemmle Playhouse 7 theatre), so I would try a sample before buying a cup of any flavor. For example, I almost got a cup of Golden Kiwi until I tried it. :-)

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            I would second the cataloupe. I tend to like fruit flavors in gelato as well as the light delicate texture seems to marry well with lighter flavors.

            Have to say their plain chocolate and their chocolate chip are good as well. Liked the crema di lemone (could be more tart) too.

            Didn't care for the golden kiwi (very tart), and I don't like pistachio but pistachio is never my favorite - rather have hazelnut.

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          That's not gelato at Boule--it's just regular ice cream/sorbet with high quality ingredients. When it comes to Boule I'd stick with the chocolates. I don't like their ice cream.

        3. Nope, I never found the texture grainy - generally smooth as silk. The chocolate pieces in the chocolate chip one can vary from flakes to large. It's homemade so I expect some variation plus I actually like the larger pieces.

          Haven't had strawberry there.

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            I will have to chalk it up to bad day on their part, and return to get more. Thanks!

          2. First and last time that I was there I ordered the Crema di Limone and it was so smooth and creamy that I was transported to my favorite gelato place in Mondello, Sicily. I chose this flavor because the texture looked really nice. I hope that your experience was atypical.


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              Funny you should mention that - I looked forward to the lemon flavor because I had the best gelato ever at Taomina, Sicily.

              I tried the crema di Limone at Bulgarini, which was very good with great texture, but the taste is still subpar to Sicily. The one at Sicily was a lot more tart with more pronounced lemon flavor. I chalked it to the difference in lemon variety (the lemon in Italy are gigantic!).

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