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May 15, 2007 10:50 AM

Upper East Side

I'm a Los Angeles hound who will be staying in NYC on E 96th this week. Looking for a place to eat dinner in this neighborhood. Elsewhere in town I'm fond of Barney Greengrass, Congee Village, GCS Oyster Bar...


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  1. sfoglia is super. also a fan of etats-unis.

    1. Etats Unis has a bar and a restaurant across the street from each other. The bar seems to be favored, is by those I know who eat there, and is one of the last places on earth one would expect two straight me to go to dinner. It is someplace I have gone with a woman, and a place my woman has gone to with other women, and enjoyed. Modern decor, decent wine by the glass.

      If I wanted plentiful food, at a cheap price, I would go to Pio Pio in this area. One combo including a roast chicken, rice beans, salchimpapa (sp?)(think deep fried hotdogs and fries); etc. with sangria could feed three, and the cost will be what it would for one to eat elsewhere.

      Also, Kurio for something mroe upscale. It seems to have a big problem with holidays though. See:

      1. I used to live there and have to say the food around here is subpar relative to the rest of the city. El Paso Taqueria has tasty authentic Mexican on 97th and Park. Sarabeth's has ok American food around 93rd and Madison. Wu Liang Ye has authentic Sichuan style food around 86th and 3rd. Most of the neighborhood Japanese establishments have ok if unremarkable sushi like Sachi or Isohama or Poke or Ichiro or Gaiyumaru, etc.

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          For what it's worth, among Sachi, Isohama and Ichiro, I prefer Ichiro

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            What's it like since it was reopened? I've been curious ... thanks.

          2. Vico on Madison Ave.