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May 15, 2007 10:26 AM

What is Lobster Spagettini?

I know I asked this earlier, but I think my question got lost in a long line of posts on Neptune Oyster. Has anyone tried it? Can anyone give me a description? I think I read that Neptune only offered it on Mondays.

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  1. It's been a while (I think that was the first dish we ever ordered at Neptune). Pricey, but delicious. It's a red sauce over pasta and I remember the bowl being just chock-full of lobster. Filling enough for the two of us to share, along with the crudo, IIRC. Back then it was in the high 30's, so not sure what it is now...

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    1. re: Rubee

      Is the lobster in or out of the shell? Thanks!

      1. re: SEH

        Yes, IIRC, it was out of the shell and cut up into chunks. And a generous amount of lobster, I might add, all mixed with pasta in a slightly spicy red sauce. Hmmmm. Now I want some....

      2. re: Rubee

        $38 or 39 this Monday..I wasn't very hungry and just had a nice assortment of local and west coast oysters.

        1. re: 9lives

          Yikes. I used to get a dish very similar at Il Panino (the original, which is now a sit-down restaurant, but at one time had counter service) for $9.95. It a pound or just under a pound lobster served out of the shell served atop a bed of linquine swimming in a delightful fra diavolo sauce. It was amazing, and I'm guessing, at 1/3 the cost of Neptune's --probably just as good.

          1. re: twentyoystahs

            There's a current Maine lobster shortage that's driving prices up at every level of restaurant. I doubt Il Panino would offer that price today. That said, Neptune is pretty pricey across the board.

            1. re: MC Slim JB

              Also, I'm pretty sure that Neptune uses the meat from a 2-pound lobster (at least when we first had it).

              1. re: Rubee

                restaurants still pay by the pound. but the last 6 months or so the prices have been through the roof. they have been trickling down recently, and i know some places have lowered prices accordingly.

            2. re: twentyoystahs

              The original Il Panino opened 20 years ago. Most things cost a lot more today...

              $35.95 for a lobster slightly over a pound..over a at Il Panino.

        2. Rubee's right on: lots of lobster, a marinara sauce, dried chilli, bread crumbs, parsley. Spaghettini is a thin spaghetti. Still available only on Mondays.

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            Thanks so much it sounds good. I always seem to think of it on Tuesdays, for some reason. I guess I'll just have to mark my calendar!!

          2. I've been DYING to go on a Monday and try it...thanks for the reminder!

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              After seeing a recent bit on local TV about how folks shouldn't order fish on Monday or Tuesday at a restaurant because you will usually get the leftovers from the weekend, and therefore the fish may not be fresh. It makes me wonder if its leftover lobstah meat from the weekend.... not that it would matter if it had been cooked, but why offer such a winning dish only on Monday?? I would certainly order this on a Friday or Saturday with my squeeze.

              1. re: Buddernut

                I've heard those old words of warning many times, but I don't get worked up about them, esp. when it comes to places I trust. I've been to Neptune, B&G, my fave sushi places et al. on Mondays and have yet to get sick.
                Anyway they have a list of piatti di giorno--a different fish/shellfish is showcased every day, not just Monday.
                It is a good dish, although I'm too easily seduced by Nevins' wilder creations to order it much.

                1. re: Buddernut

                  There are two reasons why it's a Monday-only offering:

                  1) If you're gonna offer a special each night of the week, as Neptune does, you gotta have a Monday special. Why is the pan seared bluefish offered only on Saturday?

                  2) Monday may be the slowest night of the week, even for a popular place like Neptune. I can certainly see their wanting a hook -- a great dish that cannot be ordered on other nights -- to pull people in on a slow night.

                  1. re: Buddernut

                    The origin of "no seafood on Mondays" rule of thumb is the tradition of local fishermen, many of whom were/are Portuguese and Catholic, to honor the Christian Sabbath (Sunday) by not working.

                    I suspect there are enough boats now going out on Sundays to obviate this rule. Further, most good restaurants keep their lobsters alive until right before they cook them, not hard to do for an extra day if no daily catch is in the offing.

                    1. re: MC Slim JB

                      neptune, like most other good restaurants in the city, gets seafood delivered everyday. twice i've gone on thursdays for the sardine special, only to get there before the fish truck!!

                2. I had a theme and variation on this dish at Rino's in Eastie on Thursday. Shrimp, scallops and lobster in a flavorful red sauce over homemade (and I mean made not just boiled to order) spaghetti (they have several homemade pastas, but the only one made to order, i think, is the spaghetti). I think the dish was $28.00 and I asked for no scallops. They added more of the shrimp and lobster. I dream about that dish.