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May 15, 2007 10:23 AM

toronto rib festival?

Does anyone know if and when they'll be a toronto rib festival?
There used to be an annual one in June at St.Lawrence Market then 2 yrs ago it moved to the Distillery. I don't know what happened to it last yr...

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  1. hello thisi nformation is from long time ago.keele and steels ribs buffets for14dollar.,but i can't remember the name.

    1. Some Rib Festivals in/near there are:

      Markham July 6-8
      Toronto (Etobicoke) June 20- July 2
      Mississauga July 20-22
      Scarborough Aug 3-7
      Guelph Aug 24-26 Riverside Park
      Burlington Aug 31- Sept 3 at Spencer Smith Park

      Unfortunately I don't have the locations for all of them. I believe most if not all are Rotary Club Rib Festivals though.

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      1. There was one I went to a few years ago down at Fort York which was Ribs, Beer and Blues festival. I'm pretty sure it was hosted by steamwhistle if I've got it right, this years is in the Distilery district. Here's the link

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          Actually this listing for the Distillery event seems to be from 2005. Glancing through this summer's itinerary of festivals shows nothing similar this year, sadly.

        2. Um.. uh. I posted something else here, ranting about the lack of ribfests downtown, while at the same time steam23 was posting the info about the distillery fest above. Great! No need for me to complain now, darn.

          1. I posted the Ontario Ribfest schedule earlier:

            I recommend Markham and Oshawa -- more tables and ample parking even on Saturday, compared to some of the others. I always avoid the Etobicoke fest and anything downtown for these reasons. Scarborough's isn't bad if you go early on the first day.