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May 15, 2007 10:17 AM

elaborate downtown request

OK, I have a lot of requirements for this meal:

dinner place downtown that can get two people in and out in 1 hour, maybe one hour ten minutes, between 6:30 and 7:30pm

located somewhere between lincoln heights and the disney concert hall.

free parking, or within walking distance from disney parking lot.

vegetable and fish eater friendly

$20 entrees or below, max

should be semi-special

i would just do my chinatown stalwarts, but it needs to be a little more special (and leftovers would just be wasted, and i usually order enough for 3 more meals when i go to chinatown)

i really appreciate any ideas! thanks!

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  1. How about Promenade Ristorante, right behind the concert hall?

    Promenade Ristorante
    710 West 1st St (at Hope St.)
    (213) 437-4937

    1. Traxx at Union Station has a good Happy Hour..

      1. The free parking/walking distance is the deal breaker. Maybe you could get Patina to let you do apps?

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        1. re: mc michael

          I like the suggestions so far. much appreciated. what would be your top rec if the parking thing wasn't an issue?

          1. re: mr mouther

            Actually, the Noe rec is good. But I'd consider either R-23 or La Serenata de Garibaldi. I guess R-23 would be over the budget though.

        2. The only place I can think of that fits the free parking, quick eating and low cost requirements in that area is Phillipe's, but their specialty isn't vegetarian friendly and I wouldn't consider them a special occasion place for the most part.

          I haven't been, but the website mentions the Concert Hall Cafe. It seems like more of a deli or cafeteria than a restaurant, but it should fit most of your other requirements. hth.

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          1. re: MeAndroo

            The Concert Hall Cafe is a fast serve location, with a few hot entrees, a nice salad bar, and fancy desserts. You eat in the lobby of the Concert Hall.

          2. Pete's Cafe & Bar (corner of 4th and main), there's always been street parking the couple of times I've been there. It's a lovely space, high ceilings, exposed brick. The food is good, nice variety, and entree's come in under $20. They're accommodating, service was efficient & friendly, it couldn't hurt to mention that you're on a tight schedule.

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            1. re: debra

              I second Pete's. You may be able to find street parking there, but if not, there are plenty of $5 lots around.

              Clare K.