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May 15, 2007 10:08 AM

4"/6" Fry Pan

I am having no luck finding a small 4"-6" fry pan that I can order online. Any suggestions?

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  1. Why do you want a 4"-6" fry pan? The smallest I have a is a 8", and that gets rare use. I would use a 1qt. saucier if you need something that small.

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    1. re: Kelli2006

      I have a set of 6" saute pans, I use them for individual frittatas (fritattas). I also use the smaller pans to reheat leftovers and when a cousin was young, I let him cook his own food in the small pan, at first it was a way to show him, no onions in his food, then he liked cooking/heating his food.

      For the OP, the set came from Costco, 3-pack. I have purchased them individually at a restaurant supply store. I realize that isn't "on line".

    2. I got a Sitram 8", which I suspect is actually the 7 7/8" one. The bottom of that is pretty damn small. I agree with the other poster that you probably don't want something much smaller than that.

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      1. re: will47

        I have what I think is a 6" pan - inherited from somewhere - and I actually find it quite useful - for reheating left overs, melting butter, heating spices, browning nuts, etc.

        1. re: a priori

          Thanks very much; they have exactly what I need.

        2. Since you didn't specify type of material or construction, the link below meets your request:


          1. There are a handful of 6 inch cast iron skillets available on Amazon and at least one blue steel 6 inch pan.

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            1. re: ccbweb

              I love my wee, perfectly-seasoned cast-iron skillet. Mine was a garage sale find, but Lodge makes pre-seasoned ones - though they still need more seasoning. I use it to heat up individual food portions, to make a little thick omelette/frittata, to toast almonds...

              They are GREAT for tapas. You can serve right from them and they look so cute.

              1. re: lagatta

                I have both a round and a square cast iron pan in this size. Perfect for eggs or pepper and egg sandwiches.

                Amazon is a good source for Lodge, get over $25 and they ship for free, a serious consideration for cast iron.