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May 15, 2007 10:05 AM

La Verdad is: Mas o' Menos

Went Last night.....


Lenguas taco- super tender, ok flavor (smoked?)
pescado- good, overwhelmed by sauces and what not
carnitas- nice, a tad dry

1- All self respecting taquerias give TWO tortillas that are slightly larger than the one you get here.
2- Two bartenders on, we were two of 6 customers at the bar, took over 10 minutes to get a SOSO margarita! gave an attitude when we asked for hot sauce (that was basically empty and in a dirty bottle).
3- Over priced for what u get.

This concept is flawed. If KO is going to sign off on this, I should be able to tell ( and so should you) he is involved. I will stick with lupita ands the rotiseria cancun in maverick thanks.....

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  1. I went after the game last night myself.

    The GF and I tried four different tacos. They were all pretty good, but smallish. And only one to an order. Still, quite tasty.

    The guacamole was bland as hell though.

    As were the three types of salsa presented. None has any heat at all.

    I'm sticking with my gas station tacos/burrito joint on Beacon Hill . :)

    Oh, and my pizza parlor Mexican, Romano's :))

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    1. re: Bostonbob3

      Yes, I don't understand why none of the salsas they bring out first have any heat. You have to ask for the habanero salsa. And the guac is fresh but needs at least more salt, cilantro, lime, something.......Still, we really liked the tacos (my favorite was the tripe), cocteles, and loved the tortas.

      1. re: Rubee

        I don't profess to know much about authentic Mexican, but I can't understand how Oringer can't be clued in on what constitutes good guac. It's really so simple --fresh avocado, lemon, garlic, a splash or two of hot sauce, and salt. I understand there are variations --some like to use lime, some throw in onions, maybe some chunks of tomatoes --whatever --I'm just saying he should know that real, true, guac does need to have some seasoning to bring out the flavors.
        I'd like to check out this place, even though the reviews have been somewhat mixed here...but I must say I'm feeling pretty wary about trying mediocre guac. If I know how to make it, he surely should!