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Special Dinner with Boyfriend

Hi, I am from LA originally but currently live in NYC. Going home next weekend and looking to celebrate a big anniversary with my boyfriend. I want a place that has both amazing ambiance and excellent food. I currently have reservations at Campanile, Geoffrey's, and Sona. Which should I choose? The food is very important, but I would like somewhere that's somewhat romantic and hip, if those two adjectives can be paired together. Thanks!

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  1. I would nix all those and go to Providence, but that's just me.

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    1. Not Geoffrey's if the food is important. I had a lovely anniversary dinner there once - the view and service were both outstanding, but the food is nothing really special.

      I think Campanile is overpriced and stuffy.

      I would highly recommend Via Veneto. Great service, great Italian food, very busy and romantic spot. It's in Venice. Perfect for what you're looking for.

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        Grace -- do a search, much discussed. Tres hip. Hubby & I went here on our first anniversary. Btw, Providence is all fish -- so if you choose that, make sure you both like fish!

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          I love love love love Grace. Classy but cool decor, attentive service, top notch food. Save room for dessert.

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            don't disagree at all with the Grace suggestion...(and tho' Providence really is all about things fish, they do show steak and duck on the menu).

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            I agree. I'd choose Via Veneto. Forget Geoffrey's. It's really only good for a drink and an appetizer at sunset. Campanile is good, but not so hip and I haven't been to Sona.

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              I second Via Venneto! That place is worth every penny and soos romantic!

            2. for a mix of food & ambience i would suggest the little door.

              1. Grace or Sona. Sona is actually quite beautiful inside and there are some small, quiet tables. The tasting menu I had there was wonderful (if perhaps a little too expensive for a meal where no one dish was permanently seared in my memory). Grace has always been outstanding. There are so many wonderful things on the menu that trying to decide on something can be a painful process.

                1. of the three i'd definitely go with sona. its more modern and concepty but also has more of a wow factor because of that. for some reason there aren't that many vocal proponents of this restaurant. i've only eaten at providence once and wasn't all that thrilled.

                  geoffreys aint all that for food.

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                    Consider the Hotel Bel Air. It is beautiful, romantic, has great food and service.

                  2. La Cachette. I just had an amazing tasting course there.

                    Low on the "hip" factor, but solid on the romantic quotient, and off-the-charts on the food rating.


                    1. I don't really agree with some of the posters. Via Veneto is loud and the tables are VERY close together. It would be hard to have a romantic dinner when you're so close to another table and the noise level is so high. Sona is a bit stuffy - not really "hip." As for Geoffreys, the food is not amazing, but the ambiance is romantic and hip. I've never been to Campanile, so I can't contribute anything there.

                      For romantic and hip with great food, my choices would be Asia de Cuba or the Hump.

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                        Via Veneto is loud and the tables are close together, but I still had one of the most romantic dinners ever there. The noise kind of blended together into a sort of white background noise - we couldn't hear any other particular conversation very well at all. And I could hear my SO perfectly kind of in our own little world. With the dim lighting and candles, perfect service, and perfect food, it was the best.

                      2. Spago? Cut? Mastros? Wilhsire on the patio?

                        1. thanks for the suggestions...I think I am going to stick with Geoffrey's. I know the food is only "good" and not amazing but I think ultimately the ambience might be a bit more important. Besides, I want to go somewhere that I couldn't go in New York. Dining while overlooking the Hudson River isn't quite the same as dining in Malibu, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

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                            Best to go early enough to catch the sun setting. Otherwise the ocean is dark, unless the moon is full and there is nothing much to see, (although the sound and smell are nice).

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                              Good point. I changed the res to 7.