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May 15, 2007 09:28 AM

Great Crabcakes and/or Dives in Baltimore

I'm heading to Baltimore at the end of June and am looking for great crabcakes and non-touristy places to eat. What's good in the old Italian neighborhood?

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  1. LP Steamers is certainly non-touristy.

    I have only had the steamed crabs, but their menu shows crabcakes.

    1. Little Italy houses many places that are just OK but not worth a detour from the other area offerings, have no crab things and are on the touristy side. . .Sabatino's is good for late-night people watching over standard red-sauce pastas and the Bookmaker salad. Amicci's has huge plates and is OK with kids. La Scala is somewhat hip and modern. Vaccaro's is a dessert place with cannolis and gelato. Better to seek out neighborhood places that are not Italian like Samos (Greektown, east of town) and Jennings (local roadhouse) in Catonsville, west of town. Best crabcake is Faidley's a stand in a public market (Lexington Market) north of the stadium in the old commercial area. closes 530.
      Best crabs are Mr Bill's Terrace Inn and Costas, way east of town. An interesting crab place is LP Steamers by Ft. McHenry in SBaltimore by I-95, roof deck with a view on a rowhouse.

      1. Captain Larry's and Truman's in Locust Point are great as is Duda's in Fell's Point. I've only had the crab cakes from Larry's but they are great and half priced on Wednesday nights.

        1. I have to must go to Kocos Pub on Harford Rd. The crabcakes are the size of planets!

          1. Our fave for crabcakes is McCabe's on Falls Road in Hampden. They crank out incredible food from a tiny kitchen, and the service is always fantastic. I have NEVER had a bad experience there.

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              I concur on Mccabes, its really good neighborhood place.

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                Don't forget their awesome burgers!