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May 15, 2007 09:06 AM

Juice Bars (GTA)?

Hey guys .. what an overwhelming response to my last post (First Date Veggie Restos). I was thrilled and while the date was 'meh', the food made up for it! lol

Okay .. next mission .. going on a date - the girl lives quite far (Hwy 7/Bathurst) from me (St. Clair/Spadina). She says she won't drink tonight - which is fine by me - but I figure it might be a good idea to go to a place that maybe doesn't focus on food (which we won't eat - 9pm) or booze.

So! Do any of you knowledgeable souls out there know of any kinda chic juice bars? Would prefer something fancier than something you can find in an underground mall - but maybe not as pretentious as an oxygen bar :P

I've heard of "Juice for Life"/Fresh. But they seem to only be open until 9pm or 10:30pm.

Anyway, I think you guys get the gist of what I'm looking for. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!


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  1. Not a juice bar, per se, but Johny Banana has an extensive list of smoothies. I've never eaten there, so can't vouch for the food, but I've heard only good things about the non-alcoholic drinks. Fressen also has lots of non-alcoholic smoothies and juices.

    But what about just going someplace with a great atmosphere and/or view and just getting a spritzer? Top of the Hyatt, for example...

    1. I know it doesn't work for you this time, but I highly recommend Fresh by Juice for Life in future.

      1. Since you want late-night juice, you might have to go with pre-squeezed. Call Chasers in Mimico and ask which restaurants they supply. They supply Blowfish and its brother restaurants, and many other hot spots. I would have suggested Live on Dupont, but it likely closes at 10. Boulevard Cafe (Peruvian-inspired restaurant) on Harbord offers fresh juices and smoothies and a great patio.

        Chasers Juice
        (416) 259-1557
        2391B Lake Shore Boulevard West
        Etobicoke, ON M8V1B7

        1. Richtree (Formerly Marche) @ Front/Yonge has some freshly squeeze juices. You could always get food or desserts (Napolean or ice cream crepe) if you and your date get hungry. It's a nice casual place to bring a first date....May be abit far from where she lives.

          1. Can't believe I'm suggesting this (something I did in high school) but what about going for bubble tea? At least those places are open late. Someone else will have to give you specifics on where to go, though.

            Another option (not a juice bar) is 7 West (Yonge and Charles). They only have standard non-alc drinks but you could have desserts (can't vouch for the quality) and at least it has a date-like ambiance.

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              I was going to suggest 7 West as well! Definitely a place where you can linger over one coffee and dessert for quite a while, and not be made to feel weird for not ordering alcohol.

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                Bubble tea is a good suggestion. There is quite afew places in the Hwy 7 area. Not sure what age group you and your date are but be warned that it is probably more of a tweeny offense to anyone.