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May 15, 2007 08:30 AM

Does Metromix pick and chose reviews???

Some weeks ago I wrote a review of a new restaurant on the Chicago Tribune's Metromix and it was never posted. I actually took the time to e-mail them inquiring if they pick and chose. They said 'no' and mentioned it was a computer glitch.
Well, las week I posted a review for another restaurant, and, again ... no trace on Metromix. It goes without saying that I keep them brief, polite, concise, yet detailed enough to be of interest.
Just wondering if anyone else had similar experineces??

PS: I checked several other restaurants and some of the 'newest' postings go back to February and March.

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  1. Before I discovered sites like Chowhound, lthforum, egullet, etc I would occasionally submit reviews to Metromix. Similar to your experience, my reviews would typically never make it up on the site. Basically I stopped posting since they don't seem to be interested in reviews other than "I went with my boyfriend and the food was totally yummy!" or "We hated Alinea because the portions were too small and we had to get a pizza when we got home".