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May 15, 2007 07:23 AM

Grill Point to Cedarhurst

Jerusalem steakhouse (The Old Pizza professor) will become a Grill Point of Queens in the near future. The sign is in the window.

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  1. I love how that place turns over once every few months. What's up with that, yekke?

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    1. re: brunodavid

      i never went into them, It was enough for me to see that they were charging $33 for a steak! More than Sushi Metsuyan,Chosen or virtually any of the 5 towns restaurants. This from a tiny location off the main drag. This location needs something special to bring people over away from the heart of Cedarhurst. Either a place that has "something different" or real cheap.

      1. re: MartyB

        I didn't care for The Jerusalem Steakhouse in Cedarhurst's schwarma. Grill Point has much better schwarma in my opinion. I like the fact that Grill Point has both baby chicken and turkey schwarma instead of just having one choice.

        1. re: jeterfan

          I agree with MartyB that this location is probably destined to fail unless something special draws people there.

          Jeterfan, I agree that grill point has excellent schwarma but can this town really sustain another Israeli joint?

          1. re: JS69

            I believe so. I think that Grill Point's schwarma is better than all of the existing Cedarhurst restaurants. In addition, the location is less congested than other existing places. I really don't think that these new places can be successful unless they do a lot of takeout and/or catering.

            What I found interesting at Grill Point in Queens is that they have a Shabbos takeout menu that I find more appealing than the typical Shabbos takeout available in the Five Towns. However, I don't recall which specific shabbos dishes sparked my interest,.

    2. Interesting, I heard Grill Point is coming to Great Neck very shortly as well?! A welcome addition IMHO :)

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      1. re: EricRosen

        hope it has sit down area without waiter service like it does in Queens.

        1. re: inky

          What I like about Grill Point is that they bake their own pita and laffa. Their salad bar is very ordinary, however.

      2. had planned to go last night to the Glatt Deli in New Rochelle after we had we spent the day at the Bronx zoo with our Kids/grandkids from Waterbury Ct,

        they were closed with a big sign saying Grill Point would be opening at the New Rochelle location

        1. Did it open in Cedarhurst yet? If not any ETA on when? Lots on new choices now! With Burger Bar open and Subway to follow.

          I am curious, what are the hours of the Queens location? The 5 towns has lots of places to eat, but not too many after 10pm+. Burger Bar which just opened has awsome hours - hope Grill Point will follow, it needs it to be on people's radar screen.

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          1. re: MartyB

            I also saw the sign. I hope that they don'r only have waiter service. In Queens, you can order and eat on these long tables that have stools to sit on.

            By the way, has anyone been to Burger's Bar in Cedarhurst?
            Is the food good?

            1. re: havdalahclub

              I have been there twice, I had the Burger Salad - tasty. My daughter had the Chicken Burger that she liked and the wife had the Steak Salad, not bad. Service takes a while, but that is because they were busy. First time I went was on their opening day (thanks to a heads up from a fellow "Hound") Secound time was 11pm during a thunderstorm - they were busy!

              1. re: MartyB

                I passed by yesterday and it looked as if work was being done inside. We may sit it open in the near future.

                1. re: JS69

                  I am looking forward to the opening of Grill Point. We haven't had really good turkey schwarma on the South Shore of Nassau County since Shishkabob Steakhouse (Oceanside) closed.

                  As much as I enjoy Grill Point's (Queens location) turkey schwarma, I still think that Shishkabob Palace's (Great Neck) is a bit better tasting.

                  1. re: jeterfan

                    According to their ad, Grill Point's grand opening in Cedarhurst will be on
                    October 23rd.

                    (pg 42)

          2. Any ETA on when Grill Point will open? Will it open tomorrow as per their ad in the 5 towns jewish times?