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May 15, 2007 07:19 AM

Hot Dogs, Merrimack Valley

Other than Lawtons, where can I get good dogs (steamed, boiled, grilled, whatever) within say a twenty minute drive of Methuen? Thanks y'all!

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  1. There is usually a guy with a cart hanging out in front of the Methuen Post Office selling steamed hot dogs. I haven't seen him yet this year, but I haven't been looking for him either. I think his dogs are essems.
    Not much other than Lawtons unless you want to go into Cedar Crest in Lawrence. I like the way they grill their dog, with a side of beans and cole slaw.

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    1. re: Infomaniac

      I saw the guy and his daughter grilling outside Building 19 once last summer. Info, I didn't know Cedarcrest had dogs! Cool!

    2. Occasionally there is a guy outside of Building 19 in Haverhill too, but no set schedule.

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      1. re: onlytwomuses

        Also in Haverhill I noticed a guy yesterday across the street from the Post Office in downtown.
        Another place in Haverhill that opened last year on River Street is Daly's Dog's. I never stopped last year, but it's in a parking lot of an Electricians, and they have a awning with some picnic tables.

        1. re: Infomaniac

          The guy in Haverhill sells Thuman hotdogs as well as sausages and peppers. I work right above him and the smell wafts!

          1. re: Trixie Too

            Is this the guy with the long white hair in a ponytail? I'd have a hard time working with the smell of hot dogs and sausages coming at me.

      2. Always the best lunch deal going. Just about a twenty minute ride from Methuen north to Costco's on the Dan'll Webster Hwy. $1.62 includes a drink. You can't beat it, and you do not need a membership card to eat. But it's worth the price of membership at the rate groceries are going lately.

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        1. re: othervoice

          Second that - Costco! Giant hot dog and drink $1.50

        2. I do not personally eat hot dogs but growing up in Lowell, all I ever heard about was Elliots-they have been around forever and I know they have a few locations-but the downtown Lowell location is the original-and a little tricky to find b/c it is a little hidden, but people seem to love it there!

          I did find a website. Hope that helps! And happy dining :-)

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          1. re: lilapinkfrog

            Thanks for the link lilapinkfrog, I wasn't aware of their existence. It looks kinda interesting!