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May 15, 2007 07:16 AM

The Ninth Floor

I've been reading about a restaurant in the old Eaton Centre called "The Ninth Floor". According to the wikipedia entries <> and <>, this restaurant has been "recently restored" and is now a registered historic site.

But I can't find any other reference to it. On the "Complexe Les Ailes" website, there is no mention of it. Is it open to the public? Is it an operating restaurant? It sounds like a fantastic site and I would very much like to visit it.

Any local insight is greatly appreciated!

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  1. We went there shortly before it closed - it has been restored but doesn't seem to be open to the public. Hope it will be at some time.

    It will have to find a niche for itself. In Paris, I've been to some of the old cafeterias in Les grands magasins that have succeeded in reinventing themselves.

    I don't know if it has been used for any corporate or other private events. Next time I'm in the area I'll ask questions. Complexe les Ailes isn't doing well either - it seems to lack direction or focus - unlike Simons in part of the old Simpson's story, which is very successful and well-liked. But nothing interesting on the foodie front there - just a very ordinary food court in the basement.

    1. Have referred to the space several times on this board but have never learned whether it's available for receptions, etc. It has been used for film shoots. Will make inquiries and report back. For some reason, your links are farkled.

      When it was a restaurant, it was never very good, not that that mattered much. The Sunday buffet-style brunch was always a madhouse. The best deal was, er, low tea on a weekday afternoon. If I wanted to open a chic French resto, it's the first place I'd look.

      And though it's off topic, I can't agree with lagatta about the Simon's food court. It may not be a destination but it's probably the best of its type in the city, as many foodies (including published critics) have attested. If the Faubourg's Cuisine Bangkok opened a branch there, it'd take the cake.

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        "When it was a restaurant, it was never very good..."

        Went there for lunch once, circa 1997. It was like a Murray's in a spectacular setting, only not as good. Indeed, it was all the more memorably bad for the spectacular setting.

        For those who never had the pleasure, Murray's was a small local restaurant chain, just a notch or two above greasy spoon. There appears to be one surviving outlet (link in French):

        ...but I wouldn't suggest a detour except for nostalgia's sake.

        1. re: Mr F

          "There appears to be one surviving outlet"

          Who knew? I'd have guessed the lone survivor would have been the one on Sherbrooke in "downtown" Westmount.

          1. re: carswell

            Nah, that spot has been a Second Cup and a McDonald's for quite a few years now. Although I wouldn't normally consider the shuttering of a Murray's as a major loss, I think that corner (Sherbrooke/Claremont) is much worse for the change...

            1. re: Mr F

              I'm pleased that the Simons foodcourt has improved - when I was last there, there was nothing special - of course when I'm that far west, I walk the few blocks on to Le Faubourg, for Thai or other excellent Asian street food.