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May 15, 2007 06:38 AM

Whole Foods comes to Northern Westchester?

I heard a rumor that it's going to open in the old supermarket space in Mt Kisco across from Northern Westchester Hospital. Does anyone know if this is true?

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  1. I just checked their website, the only mention of a new store coming in NY is in downtown Manhattan. One could hope though :)

    1. I've heard the same rumor. One can only hope.

      1. I heard or read the same rumor. The store in question is a pretty small space FWIW.

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          It was mentioned in the Journal News a couple of weeks back, and when they contacted Whole Foods' corporate offices, they had no comment. So far just rumor, but I would love to see it substantiated... though the store is small, it's a terrific location for them.

        2. Would love to have a decent market ... The parking for that space would be tough. Sort of like the parking at the WF in Greenwich, although much smaller.
          No doubt it would be a very welcome addition. Fingers crossed

          1. They've been working on this old Stop & Shop recently and today when I drove past I noticed a Help Wanted sign in the window. Of course it's hard to read from the street and the entrance has a big "No Trespassing" sign on it which discourages you from driving in to see who's moving in. However, I was able to read it from the street and figured out who's moving in.. CVS :-(. Just what the area needed, another drug store (although I can see why they'd want to be there, being that it is near the hospital and all those doctor's offices)..

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              You have got to be kidding me. Why don't they just put in another bank too, something else this town really needs! UGGGHHH.