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Whole Foods comes to Northern Westchester?

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I heard a rumor that it's going to open in the old supermarket space in Mt Kisco across from Northern Westchester Hospital. Does anyone know if this is true?

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  1. I just checked their website, the only mention of a new store coming in NY is in downtown Manhattan. One could hope though :)

    1. I've heard the same rumor. One can only hope.

      1. I heard or read the same rumor. The store in question is a pretty small space FWIW.

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          It was mentioned in the Journal News a couple of weeks back, and when they contacted Whole Foods' corporate offices, they had no comment. So far just rumor, but I would love to see it substantiated... though the store is small, it's a terrific location for them.

        2. Would love to have a decent market ... The parking for that space would be tough. Sort of like the parking at the WF in Greenwich, although much smaller.
          No doubt it would be a very welcome addition. Fingers crossed

          1. They've been working on this old Stop & Shop recently and today when I drove past I noticed a Help Wanted sign in the window. Of course it's hard to read from the street and the entrance has a big "No Trespassing" sign on it which discourages you from driving in to see who's moving in. However, I was able to read it from the street and figured out who's moving in.. CVS :-(. Just what the area needed, another drug store (although I can see why they'd want to be there, being that it is near the hospital and all those doctor's offices)..

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              You have got to be kidding me. Why don't they just put in another bank too, something else this town really needs! UGGGHHH.

            2. Latest Whole Foods "rumor"...not Westchester but just over the border in Putnam. If the development gets approval it will be part of what replaces the Mahopac Farm property on Route 6 just past Baldwin Place, along with a Target, other retail, professional and residential development. Will probably take a good long time as the surrounding municipalities are not sure they want to develop the property that way.

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                I just read this 'cause of the original poster's title. I live in *really* northern westchester and I was disappointed to see Mt. Kisco as the location of the "rumor"-- I've always wondered why we up here don't have the stores that "everyone else" around the country seems to have, even in what I think of as a similar demographics. A Whole Foods in Baldwin Place would be nice-- it's probably almost as far for me (I live near Croton) as White Plains, but a far more pleasant drive and I bet I wouldn't have to park in a parking garage!