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May 15, 2007 05:57 AM

Perilla Review

So my husband and I were able to get a reservation at Perilla for last night and let me tell you, it was fantastic.

We started with a martini for him and a glass of prosecco for me. Beautiful glassware, elegant space if a little unfinished looking. Started with the hamachi appetizer which calls itself 'thinly sliced' for some reason. It's beautiful sashimi style cuts in a yuzu cucumber broth. Very tasty. Was a bit surprised that 2 of our pieces had part of the bloodline, but wasn't deterred.

Husband ordered the black cod and I ordered the skate wing. The black cod was a sizable portion. It was flavored nicely and cooked perfectly. But the flavors really piqued with the sugar snap pea sauce underneath, the spaghetti squash and cruch of the almonds. A terrific dish.

I had the skate wing with pickled watermelon , thai basil and hibiscus broth. The skate was cooked perfectly and was also a healthy portion. The flavors in this dish were quite good as well, though I have to say the watermelon ever so slightly let me down. maybe it's because it's not quite the season? The taste was a bit too slight for me. But the cleanliness of the sauce went really well with the crunch of the skate. This dish was very good.

For dessert we ordered the smoked chocolate cake with cherries and kaffir lime ice cream and the coconut cake with basil watermelon salad and perilla ice cream. Both were divine. The chocolate cake was full flavored and rich. It had a bit of a spicy flavor to it and was perfectly complemented by the kaffir lime ice cream. This dish was served with cherries instead of the rhubarb chutney.

The coconut cake was amazing. Perfectly moist - like an amazing macaroon - and well paired with the perilla ice cream and watermelon. So good.

The bill came to a little over $100 and was brough to our table with 2 little spicy ginger cookies - deelish.

We had a great time and great food. Assuming we can get a table, we'll be back very very soon!

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  1. i also had an unbelievable experience. the chef is clearly incredibly talented.
    we started with a half bottle of champagne at the bar....perfect start to the evening.
    i highly recommend the fern/truffle ravioli, and the shrimp entree. both desserts that my table shared where UNREAL. the goat cheese tart and the choco-cake. i don't know where they found their pastry chef, but best desserts i've had in a long time!

    i booked my next table before i left the restaurant.

    1. My husband and I dined here last night at 10pm after my evening classes. We had a reservation, and definitely needed one to be seated (it was Tuesday night, and even the bar was full). The place was still half full when we left at around 11:15.

      We started with the pork belly (fantastic) and the grilled octopus (good, flavorful, but not nearly as tender as we've had at Babbo and Goblin Market). I had a glass of Riesling that was VERY sweet. I would pick the Gruner Veltliner next time for a white.

      Our entrees were the Fiddlehead Fern Ravioli w/ ricotta (rich, buttery, delicate with delicious, bright flavors from all the spring vegetables) and the Black Cod w/ black bean glaze (an outstanding dish with perfect flavors; as described above).

      We shared the strawberry confit for dessert. The flavors were outstanding, and I unfortunately don't remember what they all were.... sugary strawberries, delicious custard, a light wafer cookie and a dollop of lemony cream.

      The service was great throughout the meal. Our waitress was helpful and warm, and the bussing was quick, but not annoying.

      Now, we were hoping for a more neighborhoody place that could take the place of Inside for us. We don't think Perilla is going to do it for us; not yet, anyway. I don't think we will ever be completely comfortable there unless we can walk in and at least get a seat at the bar. The decor is more modern than warm, and the noise level was pretty bad.

      Conclusion: Perilla is everything it is supposed to be. Are they doing anything new? Not really, but our meal certainly was pretty close to perfect.

      1. Went to Perilla last night. Overall, I'd return for the dessert, but not for dinner. We were seated on time and our server was helpful and attentive, so good start. We had the hamachi as an app--great cucumber salad, but the fish quality was a bit lacking. I had the fiddlehead fern ravioli. Loved the vegetables and the buttery (almost too rich) sauce, but the ravioli themselves were a little underwhelming. Boyfriend had the waygu skirt steak, which was OK. At their price point (on the high end of what we'd usually pay), I'm not rushing back for the entrees. On the other hand, dessert was amazing. We had a chocolate cake with cherries, pistachio, and a kaffir lime ice cream that went beautifully with the other tastes on the plate. The oatmeal tamarind cookies served with the check were also great.

        1. My boyfriend and I ate here last night and loved it. We had the peeky-toe crab and beef carpaccio appetizers and the fiddlehead fern ravioli (best dish of our night) and skate as entrees. We didn't order dessert but really enjoyed the complementary oatmeal-tamarind cookies. Bill was $105 including 2 glasses of wine -- extremely reasonable. And I know there were some complaints on other threads about small portions, but they didn't small at all to me. Best part of the night was when Harold came out to say hi to friends at the table next to ours. Cranky as always and with the pencil behind his ear, he's adorable and I hope his restaurant continues to do well. We'll definitely go back.

          1. i like perilla (the briefest of reviews)
            cuttlefish with guanchale, sauteed bok choy and chinese broccoli, duck with cracklings
            all good
            nice bartenders
            nice rooom
            one enthusiastic thumbs up