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May 15, 2007 05:32 AM

Great Eats Jamaica VT area

Escaping the kids and the rut for a romantic three day weekend to Jamaica, Vermont....We love just about everything from pizza to gourmet...We aren't particularly fussy as long as it is good (or, even better - great!) Thanks in advance to all....

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  1. We rented an old house for years in Jamaica. Right down the road from the Three Mountain Inn on Depot St. If you're staying at the inn their dining room is very good.
    There used to be a few restaurants right in the village - 2 of which weren't bad but I think you'll have to go out of Jamaica for any decent meals. Things have changed dramatically in the village since we left for northern VT. You might want to tour around Londonderry (try the Three Clock Inn) on the way to Weston on Rte. 100.. in Weston there's the Bryant House and the Inn at Weston. Or, on the way to Manchester via Rte. 30/11 there's Johnny Seesaw's in inn with a beautiful dining room.

    Have a great time. It's a very pretty area of sourthern Vermont.

    1. Also, the Windham Hill Inn ( is not far away, in West Townshend. Very good food (a little pricey) and the setting is just breathtaking. Go early and have cocktails on the lawn.

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        I second the Windham Hill Inn for cocktails on the lawn. To me they are more than a little pricey for the food. But as GGMora said, the view is absolutely breathtaking.