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May 15, 2007 04:52 AM

Tuckahoe Inn Jersey Shore

Hello All,
Just wondering if anybody has been to the Tuckahoe Inn recently. I will be camping in Marmora over Memorial Day Weekend. I'll be doing the nostalgic thing all weekend, as I grew up going to the Jersey shore when I was young and haven't been there in years. I remember going to The Tuckahoe Inn and every time it was a very special treat and the food was awesome.
The last time I was there, early 90's, they were serving crab outside on the little inlet beach with a Reggage band playing. It was so delicious and the ambiance was perfect. Do they still do that?
Any current stats would be very helpful. I can't wait to take my hubby here and am hoping it is as good as I remember .


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  1. last summer NJSL Munch Mobile rated TI as having "the best softshell crabs" in NJ. Even the picture looked awesome. I would love to go here too! Someone write back and tell us if its really as good it used to be.