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May 15, 2007 01:33 AM

Need a Good Birthday/Date in Hollywood-is Area Restaurant

Hey Kids,

I am taking my soon to be 28yr old. girlfriend out to dinner next week and i need some suggestions. I just recently moved and she has lived in Hollywood for 4 years. My first thought was Off Vine, i have been there and it is super cute and as i remember but the menu doesn't look as daring as i might hope. We really love all kinds of food, we go to Cobras & Matadores and niko-niko alot (vastly different cuisines) I love fusion, restaurants that are quiet and look cool, etc. blah basically some place like 'off vine' but a bit more daring food wise but the same sort of intimate dark setting. It can be anywhere from silver lake to beverly etc. THANKS SO MUCH! :)

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  1. have you ever been to Cafe des Artistes? really pretty patio in the back. lots of trees, plants and little white lights. nice place for romantic French meal. last time i was there, the food + service were still good. when you make a reservation, definitely request one of the side tables on the patio.

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    1. re: msbadkittie

      While Off Vine is cute, I think the food has sorta gone down hill...

      In SL -- there's Vermont, Blair's and Cliff's Edge (food better in the first two but CE has the edge in ambience).

      1. re: Silverlaker

        I completely agree about Off Vine. I'd do Cliff's Edge -- the ambiance is lovely (ask for outdoor seating), and the food's quite good. Like Silverlaker, I love Blair's but I think that Cliff's Edge is more what you're looking for this time.

    2. When I think of an intimate, dark setting that's daring food wise, I think Grace on Beverly. Not quite fusion, unless you can call it American-French fusion.

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        Yea i have read about grace in other posts and it seems to be pretty amazing, i think i may do that. Any special seating requests i should consider.

        1. re: laeditormatthew

          Depends if you want a street view or if you want to sit further in the back. There is one sub-optimal table that is along the aisle heading to the kitchen and next to a giant post, but the room is so nicely decorated that you won't notice if you end up there, especially on a date since someone else will have your undivided attention :D

          The main dining area has two "corners" along the street-side window, one corner back toward the kitchen access, and another one that is adjacent to a rear private dining area. If there's no private function, that back corner (furthest from the door) will be the most intimate.