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May 15, 2007 12:55 AM

Lobster Season, who's got the good deals?

My wife and I are craving the good stuff. Have any of you come across any restaurants
serving them yet and at what price?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Still the best in my humble opinion, is The Lobster Trap on Avenue Road just south of the 401. They fly in their lobsters daily and the 1 and 1/2 lb lobster dinner can still be had for just under $40.00. Their site is:

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      1. re: trevorstreet

        see my review April 30th/07.....pearlD

        1. re: pearlD

          Any thoughts on male vs. female lobsters?A friend from down east claims that female lobsters have sweeter meat.

          1. re: Finnegan

            Only if you tell them they're beautiful while they're still alive...actually, the females have broader tails than the males, a little more eatin' there.

            1. re: Wiley

              Also, the "coral", or lobster roe, which some prize, will definitely not be found in a male lobster.

      2. Hi Bogie...
        Starfish on Adelaide East has lobster on the menu right now, at $28/lb. According to the menu, most of their lobsters are around 2 lbs. I believe they have their lobsters flown in regularly.
        I didn't have the lobster when I was there last night, but their daily chowder was delicious.

        1. If you see my message on Dominion gelato futher up you'll find a reference to Wah Sing on Baldwin. It has changed hands and the menu is different. In any case, the have a two for one lobster $26-$28, I don't remember ( a night lying in the trauma room will do strange things to the memory) was flying out of the kitchen. There were three of us and we devoured the absolutey delicious, sweet and fresh Lobster. We had ours prepared with ginger and green onion (a sublime combination of Chinese cuisine in my opinion). For two people, with some nice fried water cress and rice and maybe a soup or other appetizer choice and you have a great meal without wine for around $40--maybe a $cheap bottle of wine or chinese beer and you are home and cooled out. The lobster is all crunchy and is deep fried in the wok. Wow, was that some good eating crustacian for my last lobster in my life.

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            After reading the reviews for Wah Sing me and my friends when to check it out and it was extremely over priced for the portions and the quality we received. Furthermore we ordered a bowl of rice and the waitress brought it to the table in front of us. After a good while she realized her mistake and took that bowl from the other table and just plopped it onto our table without any explanation. After that the service just went down hill and we left without tipping. The servers actually chased us down to say we forgot to tip! We told them their service was horrible and we will never go back again.

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              Do you know of a place that prepare their lobster the same way as Wah Sing (dry/crunchy)? We live N. of Steeles and it's such a long way to go Dtown? Thanks!